Behind the Lens: Zacspicy

December 20, 2016

Behind the Lens: Zacspicy

It is amazing how Photography is becoming more and more popular and known to many, if not all. It is through great pictures that we can spark limitless imaginations and colorful ideas to name a few. It is through those camera lenses that we have a better sight on how the world looks. With that being said, we decided to eye on one of our photographer friends and take a peek on how he goes after his photography experience and how he sets himself apart from the others.


It is evident how the habits, plans, and persistent attitude of an individual can bring him or her to precipitous heights. So in this article, we urge everyone to get some inspiration, new ideas and helpful tips as we look into the life of Singapore-based photographer Zacspicy and how he is able to establish his name in the industry.

Let’s start with an introduction. Tell us something about you.

I’m Zac, a 20 year old freelance photographer from Singapore. I’m in my final year as an Industrial Design student. I specialize in commercial photography works, some brands that I’ve worked for include Canon Singapore, Asics Asia Pacific, Hypergrand and more.

What got you into photography?

I first got into photography because I enjoyed the feeling of capturing an image. A moment is captured and remembered forever once the shutter goes off and that’s what got me into photography.

I started exploring the city alone with my iPhone and sharing works onto Instagram. Things slowly started to take off from there.


How do you manage to accomplish your school works and pursue photography as your career at the same time?

 I’ve recently started to have the habits of being my camera wherever I go. Whenever I’m on the way to school, during school or when I have some free time, I just bring my camera and shoot things that fascinate me. That way, I don’t lose touch and I’m still constantly creating.


We’ve noticed that the number of persons getting into photography continues to increase. So, how would you differentiate yourself from other aspiring photographers?

I believe in being initiative. I believe good things don’t go to those who wait, but instead, they go to whoever that worked for it. I started being ambitious and reaching out to brands when I was first starting out.

Most photographers nowadays thinks that just by waiting and uploading works onto Instagram, they’ll start getting work opportunities but to shine, you have to first clock in some work time by sending out emails and portfolios to brands that you think will appreciate your work. That’s how things slowly get better.

What’s a day in the life of Zacspicy?

During school holidays, I’m always on the grind. I meet my friends, walk around the city and shoot. I spend some time with my family and my girlfriend, then edit pictures and then constantly update my portfolio that I’m always ready to send out to brands that I think I could work with.

Can you share us what it’s like being a photographer based in Singapore?

It gets boring. My friends and I walk down Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Place a thousand times, we go to the same place in hopes of getting a different shot. Things become stagnant and slowly, people stop growing as a photographer. It is also really competitive with the big community over here so if we really want to get opportunities, we have to reach out.


How will you describe the pictures that you take? What do want to say and achieve with these photos?

The reason I take a huge amount of cityscapes is because I want the world to see what this little country has to offer. We have futuristic architectures that I think people from Singapore fail to appreciate. I want people to stop and take a second look at my works. I want to inspire people to create, just like how Anton (@mellowedhigh) inspired me to start.



We’ve been following you for a while now and we are witnesses from afar of how you have grown to become the photographer that you now are. Just recently, we saw you working on a project with Asics, how do you work with a well-established brand like them?

Working with Asics was interesting. We sat down and discussed the kinds of shots that we were going for. The team and I would make sure that the locations used for the shoot was adequate for the specific sneaker that I’m shooting. We reached a stage of mutual agreement before we signed the contract and started to shoot.

Whenever I have free time after classes, I’ll carry a bag full of shoes and hit the streets with my camera. When I’m done with the shots, I edit them and upload them to the drive. I’d get the feedback from the team and see how it could be done better. It wasn’t just work, there were a lot of lessons learnt and I’m so grateful for the opportunity.


How significant is it to collaborate and work with others that are in line with what you do? Do you look for persons to work with or you wait for them to come to you?

I believe that great ideas are supposed to be shared and not kept. Being open to collaborations means being open to fresh new ideas and opportunities; and I think that’s important for a creative individual.

Instead of waiting, go out there and let people see your work. Likewise for DBTK, I first stumbled upon their facebook page before having thoughts about working with them. I got interested in their brand and what they lived for and therefore, I reached

out to Vince and we hit it off really well. If I hadn’t reached out to him, you guys wouldn’t be here reading this interview right this moment.

What influences your visions, thinking, photographing, and career path? And how do they contribute to your success?

I am still far from being successful but being a design student really helped me take greater pictures. Instead of taking pictures blindly, you start framing and seeing things differently. You start to look into visual composition and things that would make or break a picture. 


What motivates you to continue taking pictures and further develop on your craft?

 The people around me that constantly inspire me. It is my friends that are doing the same things as I am constantly motivated and push me to greater heights. My family is always there to tell me how much they appreciate my works. My girlfriend is always there to let me know how I can better myself as a photographer and creative individual. I’m so thankful for everyone out there that has been following my work and giving me the support I need.


Anyone you want to give a special shout-out to? What is your advice to those individuals that are likewise pursuing a career in photography?  

I’d like to give a shout out to Matt (@Vacantsight) for getting me into the scene. He was the first person that I shot with and I’m grateful for that. He introduced me to more photographers that I can now call my friends. Also, thank you Antonio (@Teenchocolate) for always motivating and inspiring me. I’m always thankful for every other friend that I have made through photography, you guys know who you are.

Keep doing you, work your craft and get creative with your own style and you’ll find yourself reaching greater heights. Always reach out, remember, good thing goes to those that works for it.

Words and Interview by Lex Perry Ignacio

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