DBTK “Closed out” 3rd year flagship store anniversary & kidzooka Pomade Launch

April 6, 2017


We got you fooled and got you good. It was nice to celebrate the flagship store’s third year in Shorthorn with friends and family. And just in case you still don’t know… it is staying and it will continue fillin’ your needs.


As early as 12 in the afternoon, our guest barber Jd was providing young lads with a slick cut, with the help of our newest product and grooming material, The Kidzooka Pomade, and to add to that, we gifted everyone with a special and exclusive event sale.



Photo by Jeg Nealega



It seemed liked an omen to say the least, initially seeing people with frowns on their faces and dealing with unfavorable weather. But as soon as we got the gag out, things started to simmer, the rain came to a complete stop, the vibe started to become better, the sky started to dim, and the next thing you know it, the place was filled with bright lights, cold cups, gold bottles, great music and tasty barbeque!




Photo by Kris Villano



Photo by Jomarcel Oco

There was no better start than to have the good bud DJ Diego Manzano playing and making the mob shamelessly bust their moves.




The passing by of cars and jeepneys didn’t stop anything or anyone from having fun. After all, we are trying to embody and promote Philippine Streetwear, culture and all of those that come with it.













And just before the event came to an end, Rjay Ty and Pope Fiction had everyone singing and rocking out with them. Just when you though things couldn’t get any better, they gave out free stickers from Diyalogo.ph and welcomed us with yet another surprise bringing out Ron Henley!

It was crazy, and things got out of hand pero Sabado naman kaya walang masama kung Yatpu nanaman!








Yes, we had security personnel watching and almost got sirens wailing. Safe to say, we really had that much fun, but we’re definitely still on the move to make things bigger and better.


Everything was awesome and all these special moments are now immortalized all thanks to these amazing photographers.




We’re staying true but certainly not staying put, I hope we were able to improve self-worth and deflate ego. Let’s keep the positivity and abolish negativity!




We will continue creating good memories and celebrate good times.


Another big one is coming… See you next month, Mob!


Shoutout to all the photographers that night!

Jeg Nealega, Jomarcel Oco, Kris Villano and Boris Garcia

Written by Lex Perry Ignacio

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