December 14, 2017

Story & words by: Lex Perry Ignacio @xelyrrep


Time and again, the brand has been straightforward and vocal with its on point messages. Scrutinize the fine points of every piece and you shall comprehend to the stories inherent within. Here’s the last but not the least (actually the most), collection of 2017.

Just before this year comes to an end, let us reflect and ponder upon what was, what is, what will be in store for us in the succeeding days ahead. No one is never too old to nurture and go after what they are truly passionate about, but let us realize that even though youth is something that one can always possess or maintain, we all won’t be a kid for long. In one way or another, we all will grow and go through the process of what many consider as “adulting”.

Of course, growth does not only mean getting older and age continuing to add up each year – thus, it also means having a greater grasp and understanding of what you are meant to do and be. It is evident and ineludible; and here we are, looking back – looking forward to what has transpired all year round and thinking of what is bound for us in the near future, about to embark on a new start, a new beginning.

Grateful surely is an oversimplification of everything that took place. Making new comrades, teaming up with significant partners, executing projects that we were once just dreaming of, meeting really interesting personalities, and learning new things and so on and so forth and things just get more exciting and fulfilling at the same time.

If you have been aware, even in the very least, of what DBTK is all about, then you must know that we constantly strive and aim to push the brand to the best that it can be and we show these in every drop or release – I take pride in what I write and say about the brand and all the things that come in between, and I’m very much proud to tell you folks, that we consistently deliver to that commitment.

Another successful attempt at new kinds of fabrics, heavy embroidery, exciting graphics, pants, shorts, and the drop of new and useful accessories + gear. We got you covered from top to bottom my good people and they all are available in various thrilling colors. Try out different hues, give your wardrobe an extensive upgrade and choose from a variety of available options. Yup, we’re closing 2017 with a big bang and this is the release that you should all yet again watch out for.

As we get festive and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, let’s not forget what tis’ season is all about. As we welcome 2018 with open arms, let us be reminded and humbled of what has and will come before us.

Start strong; Finish Stronger. Happy Christmas ya filthy animal & A prosperous New Year!



For a complete visual experience, view the whole lookbook collection here:

start strong, finish stronger

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