Don’t Blame The Kids – “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

December 20, 2016

DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

At times, it’s the desire and eagerness of achieving our goals that lead to frustrations, especially during the moments when we think that we are only creating little to no advancements in what we do. But do know that it’s often the series of small improvements that make the biggest developments, and that is what the brand has brought in this release. From the course of revisions, array of subtle enhancements that were created; it certainly was the presence of tiny details that made the biggest difference. Don’t Blame the Kids brings proudly presents its Fall/Winter 2016 collection – Superfine

DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

The objective was to deliver designs that were once unthinkable and quality that is unbelievable. And yet again, the team has broken through their walls to bring something that is nothing short of astonishing.

DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

It is the combination of styles, diverse functionality and modifications in fabric, together with fine and premium material that is being magnified in this latest collection; but ultimately, it is the use of little aspects such as the embroidery and custom patches that leads the attention to details.

DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

Further than that, the collection also shows its flexibility given its wide range of available colorways and wear ability under any weather, event, style, or get-up. From the transition of the former pocket tee with a signature side pocket to what it is now, starting from the simplest of designs down to the most sophisticated possible, the collection betokens its commitment and contribution to the streetwear culture.

DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

Apart from the exceptional print and graphic, every item consistently shares a reminder that elicits one to surpass their limits. To not go fickle and be deluded by trend, but to be more vigorous and strenuous as we continue with our journey. That we are the pursuer of our imagination, so let’s keep both our feet on the ground but let our DREAMS TAKE FLIGHT.

img_6540DBTK “Superfine” Fall/Winter 2016

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