Don’t Blame The Kids Year Four – “The World Is Yours” Anniversary Capsule Collection

September 11, 2016

Staying beautiful or fashionable as time passes – lasting forever; Timeless

This is the theme for the 4th year anniversary capsule collection. Looking back, the brand has formulated a variety of designs, techniques, approach, and artistry in their works that has captivated and appealed to a lot of people. And as the brand continues to grow and move forward, it is but right to produce something that is not restricted to a particular time or date and something that never goes out of age and style.


Inspired by the movie Scarface, in sync with the idea of establishing something genuine and leaving a powerful impact in this life that ultimately people can learn from and look up to, the brand, through this capsule collection, influences us to forge our own path and lead the way. As the poem “Invictus” says, you are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Nothing and no one is stopping you from creating your own legacy – The World is Yours.


The design mainly encompasses the perpetual themes of basic beauty, love, passion and great courage through the incorporation of skulls, bones, and roses in a very detailed silk screen. To add to that, the design also shows us that it is similarly patterned after Metallica, a band known for its aggressive musicianship and a group who has been and continues to connect and reach out to a massive number of people all around the globe.


The “4th Rose” tee will make your look classy featuring a front pocket with rose embroidery and a graph design in the back, the fabric is made of CVC cotton that comes with signature woven labels, it is available in black and off white. (650 Php)


The “4th Rose” hoodie will keep you cozy with its fleece fabric with signature woven labels; it is available in heather gray and lime green. (1550 Php)


The highlight of this collection is the “4th year World is Yours” tee that will dazzle you its sleek quality fabric made of French terry which features oversized sleeves and a detailed back patch with fine print; it is only available in black. (1100 Php)


Historically, pins are primarily defined as utilitarian, as clasps and fasteners for use in closing garments on the body or in holding pieces of a garment together. Nowadays, they are being designed or used as a fashion statement with ornamental features.

Yes, to further supply emphasis on the timeless theme, the “4th Rose” lapel pin (150 Php) will complete this capsule collection. Lapel pins have become an unending accessory that communicate ideas about the wearer, and may even hold a sentimental value and a relevant life event. It is similar to what the brand envisions to be – to continue and provide all of you with creations that will unremittingly exist and stay.

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