Can I get a free DBTK sticker?

Whenever you purchase DBTK items in the Flagship store or online, you will always receive a free sticker. If you want more, you can always buy a DBTK sticker pack.

I want to work for DBTK. How?

When we post online that we are looking for staff (full-time, part time or intern) and you are interested, you may send your resume in this email address: dbtkco@gmail.com

Can you sponsor our event?

Sorry, but we don’t usually sponsor on events. But you may always email us your proposal on dbtkco@yahoo.com

We have a school project, is it possible to interview you?

It depends on our schedule. Otherwise, you may still contact us through email dbtkco@gmail.com.

Do I get a discount when I purchase a certain amount to DBTK products?

Sorry to inform you but we do not give discounts even if you get a large amount of DBTK products. However, there are instances that we announce promotions in which you get perks so better watch out for them.

Do you have a size chart?

Yes,you may check it on our website www.dbtkco.com/shop by browsing some of the available dbtk products.

I want to order via online, where do I pay?

You may pay via BPI, BPI Family Bank, BDO, EASTWEST, LBC or PayPal. For PayPal, you have to pay for additional fees excluding shipping fee .

How much is the shipping fee?

Shipping fee depends on your location and order(s). You may contact us directly at 09062055633

How many days will it take to receive my order(s)?

Usually, when you are located within Metro Manila (BEEM EXPRESS) , you may get your order(s) after 1-3 working days. If outside Metro Manila (LBC EXPRESS ) , you may receive your order(s) after 1-2 working days. You may always contact us if you have questions or concerns.

You may track your order

What courier do you use when shipping items within the Philippines?

DBTK uses (BEAM EXPRESS) exclusively for METRO MANILA transactions and LBC for both METRO MANILA and PROVINCIAL transactions.

Aside from DBTK Flagship Store and Online orders, what are the other stores where I can purchase some of your DBTK products?

As of July 2017, these are the stores that currently have some of our selected DBTK products:
a. Bratpack UP Town Center
b. Bratpack Greenbelt 5
c. Bratpack Alabang Town Center
d. Complex Lifestyle Store Trinoma
e. Complex Lifestyle Store Solenad Sta. Rosa Laguna
f. The Nines UP Town BGC
g. The Block Kalibo Aklan