November 8, 2017

by: Lex Perry Ignacio @xelyrrep


Honestly, who would’ve thought that a local brand with only 20 sq. meters of physical space stationed in the narrow streets of Shorthorn, which is not even a fraction of Quezon City would be tapped by a footwear brand from New York and be given the chance to do not one, but two sneaker collaborations with them? Yes, neither do I. Be that as it may, these things do transpire after all.

Pinch yourself. There is no doubt that dreams do come true… but that’s as long as you don’t just sleep, and actually hustle to achieve them.

Amid an interview back 2012, Don’t Blame The Kids Co-founder Emil Javier was asked about the future plans of DBTK; not having any hesitations, he proceeded to say that the aim is to go international and be able to share the journey, experience, and purpose of the brand along with everything that comes with it, to as many people possible after the span of 5 years.

The goal was distinct and clear. The time spent inside those years were utilized to reach out and execute more projects with other bright individuals. We were engaging, building bridges, and doing our own thing. I reckon that this habit in return has unlocked gates of opportunities for us – and it was completely overwhelming and challenging; but also invigorating and fulfilling all at the same time. Well, a sweet blend of all emotions really, and we were very much eager to make this vision actualize; just like how a sweet tooth badly wants candy.

Anyway, here it is guys. We’re now making it happen with the amazing people from the Product of New York (PONY)

Look closely and you’ll notice that what Manileños and New Yorkers similarly have is their determination and work ethic in whatever they do on a regular basis. It’s their devotion and passion towards their knack that enables them to thrive and come a long way. The same goes not only for DBTK and PONY but also for everyone who is eager and focused, and this is what we want to highlight in this project; the value and necessity of hustle in our endeavors.

On January of 2017, PONY Philippines thought of producing yet another agenda that would similarly align with their campaign and spark a positive effect on the people from the modern era, for that reason, this footwear collaboration came into fruition. The initiative and purpose of both brands coming together as one resulted to the delivery of two amazing classic footwear pieces – The City Wings and Shooter silhouette in the timeless black & white hue.

During the 1980s’, PONY partnered with a 5’7 guard who started as an undrafted rookie barely trying to make it in a team but later on played twelve seasons in the NBA and eventually defeated Dominic Wilkins as he dominated the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest. His name is Spud Webb and he is more than just a short guy who can slam a basketball – he made the classic City Wings silhouette an iconic pair by showing everyone how someone so small could do such great things.

For the PONYxDBTK City Wings pair (P5795), we had a mix of suede material and soft action leather with the exemplary Chevron logo encapsulated in top grain leather for a sturdy finish. The heel tab shows an embossed logo of DBTK in one & PONY on the other, it sports rubber soles for durability and outdoor use, the pair comes in waxed laces together with a leather sneaker chain exhibiting the emblem made for the special collaboration.

Time and again, I have mentioned that it’s often the tiny things that create the greatest impacts and surely, his (Spud Webb) legacy is an excellent example that can attest to that. Obviously, we’re substantially different from him and what he does, but in an identical manner, what DBTK, PONY, & Spud have in common is that all the three of us are underdogs who each have strong will and sheer determination, we are small entities who are always out to make huge moves.

That is the reason why we have chosen to work on the City Wings. We want the people to know that we are more than just a streetwear brand. We unceasingly maximize our potential and we never stop looking for ways to go beyond our boundaries. We’re completely honored and gratified that alongside the great Spud Webb, we were given a rare opportunity to put our own spin and channel our version of creativity on the classic silhouette.

Series of revisions took place here and there; various choices in materials, shoe colors, and sneaker silhouettes were heavily considered & prudently deliberated upon for more than half a year before we were able to conspire and achieve the final look and composition of both sneakers. This collaborative partnership is a first for both parties, which is why absolute effort and focus is exerted in this project. The outcome was a blueprint that does not follow any pattern – a first of its type.

Everything was thoughtfully created and made extra special; every material was handpicked and every step was a curating process where we made sure that it is entirely executed perfectly and scrutinized properly. From the packaging up to its production, we accorded meticulous attention to every detail in each component of both pairs just like how we do in every piece or merch we produce.

With the PONYxDBTK Shooter (P4390), we thought of breaking down the silhouette to its plain elements by taking away the Chevron patch and replace it with a perforated finish to attain a clean & lux profile. Since this pair is from 1978, making it one of the pioneer pairs for the New York based footwear brand, we decided to give tribute to the roots and humble beginnings of DBTK by having the heel tab incorporated with the headmost logo used by the brand when it first started.

The former conveys diversity and functionality while the latter displays smoothness and simplicity. They both represent a separate and distinct identity and personality but they are nonetheless built to create a great impact and guide its bearer to take every step of the way with utmost meaning, humility, and truthfulness; to not just take part or go with the flow, but to dig deep and move with there own purpose.

We are hopeful that this special collaboration will go beyond giving a tasteful and superb style of premium footwear to those who will acquire a pair but further instill a strong sense of discipline, undiminished will and dedication to their craft while being reminded of their profound passion and purpose in life because after all, both of these pairs are the fruits and results of those values and factors.

Photos c/o: Kris Villano of @thevisualclub

You can expect that they run in small numbers and pretty restricted quantity but we will be having an exclusive pre-selling that will take place from November 11 until November 16 at the website of DBTK. ( From this time, we will give everyone, even those from distant places, the chance to secure their pairs early and grant them a rare package containing PONYxDBTK collectibles that will compose of the limited edition collaboration shirt, and knapsack bag, a chance to take home 1 of 3 baseball bats, and a special VIP invite for the official release party.

In case you fail to avail a pair during the pre-selling period, don’t you guys worry because we will unveil them on Saturday, November 18 at Dulo Mnl in Makati along Brgy. Poblacion. We will have the official release and selling of both classic pairs – the City Wings and Shooter silhouette with a twist and touch of DBTK. Don’t miss the chance to secure your pairs early and enjoy the special perks that come with it.

(note: pick up of all pre-sold pairs will likewise be at the day and venue of the official launch. Unclaimed pairs will go straight to the flagship store after the day of the event and the ones for shipping will be shipped on Monday, November 20)

I’m warning you, folks! You’ll really need to act fast, 100 slots are surely scarce.

Click here if you wish to view the lookbook made for the Shooter and City Wings.

New York meets Manila


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