PONYxDBTK official launch at Dulo Manila

December 18, 2017

From the moment you open your eyes, get off your bed, and lay your feet flat on the ground until you call it a day or maybe a night; you know you have to make every moment count. Heed all of your focus and attention to who you truly are, what you’re into, and how you plan to leave your mark. Take the steps to the right path, let the #PONYxDBTK Shooter & City Wings silhouette take your further and lead you to the right track.

Attention to detail expressed in every second of the time, and every maneuver made just like how we scrutinized every component of the shoe. Let all present elements instilled in both pairs give more meaning to your passion and purpose in life. Without a doubt, hustle and will is what this collaboration is all about.


Both PONY and DBTK are underdogs who utilize and make the most of what they have and it is their work ethic and drive that serves as the manifestation of their hunger for more. Here’s want went down on our official launch and release party.

We had a refreshing and lively start as we kicked it off with refreshments from Smirnoff Mule and a trivia from our retail partner Complex Lifestyle Store. MRVXX x AC was the first on deck and the duo displayed an excellent show of musicianship making use of various instruments. It was then followed by a raffle giveaway of the very limited collab baseball bat before Astro Kidd & Ryke raised the energy of the whole area with their hits.

After which, Maxiimo & DJ Waffster took over and premeditated the crowd as the funky band IV of Spades were getting set to play. By the time they were ready, everyone was quick to fill the space in front and dance to the soulful beats of the young and groovy group. At this time, all the people were loose and easy-going; people of different races, and even unfamiliar faces were in attendance, but laughter, smiles, and intimate conversations here and there which exemplified unity are enough proof that they come as one.

The place was filled with hustlers dedicated to their craft; if you took the time to roam around, you must have meet and shared a toast or at least bumped into these very interesting personalities such as Poor Ta$te, DJ Paeste, and there were also creative collectives local frame movement and the visual club to name a few. We bet some of you were even extra lucky bringing home pictures and souvenirs from these awesome dudes.

As we go along, the next performers in the lineup were up and coming local rappers of today. 16-year old Shanti Dope rocked the mic at the outset followed by Baryo Berde’s Migo Seńires and Marc Mamuric. Spirits were high and intensified, to cap off the fun-filled night, Rjay Ty together with Pope Fiction and OJ River of the Bawal Clan closed down the building with a bang.

We know for sure that you guys have taken really notable pictures and videos to commemorate the night. Share it with us by giving us a tag & using the official event hashtag #PONYxDBTK and get a chance to get featured on our pages.

Thank you so much for being with us in the celebration of this launch. This is definitely one of the highly anticipated projects not just for both the Product of New York (PONY) & Don’t Blame The Kids (DBTK), but also to those who have been supporting the movement, campaign, and purpose of the two brands. This is the first of its kind, but we certainly hope that this won’t be the last and instead pave the way and be a trail to many more triumphs.


Meanwhile, for those who feel so left out sucking in all the missed excitement – well, don’t keep your head down. We still have some for you guys, the PONYxDBTK City Wings and Shooter are still up for grabs at the DBTK Flagship Store or at select Complex Lifestyle Stores – TriNoma, Eastwood, Glorietta 2, Alabang Town Center (ATC), Festival Mall, Marquee Mall, and Uptown BGC.


Tired of getting up and having to go for a ride to get your own pair? Avoid the hassle and bustle of the traffic in the metro and have it delivered straight at the front of your door by purchasing them online at www.pony.com.ph or www.dbtkco.com


Watch out for what’s coming your way; know what’s up, be informed early and stay updated with the latest activities by visiting our website and giving us a follow at @pony_ph and @dontblamethekids


Until then, we’ll see you guys on the next one! Peace




















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