Product of New York

October 3, 2017

by: Lex Perry Ignacio @xelyrrep


Across the court, through the streets, and into the future, the Product of New York (PONY) has been through pivotal changes and momentous advancements ever since the brand has been born in Manhattan, New York on 1972.

With over 40 years thriving, it is undeniable that they objectify evolution and progression because what started as an athletic footwear brand has expanded into something so much more and diversity is an understatement of what they have achieved all throughout their journey.

During the outset and similar to their identity as a brand, they had multiple athletes of different respective sports that started out as underdogs which later rose to become known legends under their corresponding events like sensational football figure Pele, remarkable dunker and basketball star Spud Webb, former world No. 1 female tennis player Tracy Austin, and boxing heavyweight icon Ken Norton to name a few.

Fast forward to the second millennium year or the 2000’s decade, the footwear brand gave their classic silhouettes a subtle transformation and modernistic touch to resonate its simplistic roots and then started to tap other creative minds and influential personalities for collaborations such as

1.) Foot Patrol UK,

2.) Colette Paris

3.) Wish Atlanta

4.) Atmos Japan

(all photos c/o Hypebeast)

5.) Queens designer – Ronnie Fieg

7.) JackThreads Ohio 

8.) New York luxury brand DKNY

9.)UBIQ Philadelphia

and just recently, PONY has teamed up with a rapper Joey Bada$$ for their 2017 Fall Collection and he is having his own sneaker deal with them. The partnership between the two went hand-in-hand given that both Bada$$ and PONY hail from the city that never sleeps – New York.

Pony had a bunch of thrilling programs and tie-ups with different entities through the stretch of their expedition. Now that they are nearing their 50-year mark, it is exciting to see what they will have and do on their next venture.

Who or what do you think will they have for their next collaboration? Let’s all wait and see.

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