August 18, 2018

by: Lex Perry


Collaborations are special and great things happen when minds creatively work in unison. For this project, we’re heading towards a different course and the brand is taking on its biggest challenge up to date – the materialization of the entire Apoy Collection.

Concept muna iniisip ko bago image. Yung show ko dati black clouds, ngayon iisipin ko kung pano ko yun masusundan.

Paborito ko yan (Apoy), nagsisimula palang ako sa art, yan na gusto kong image, significant sakin ung apoy kaya ko nilabas dito.” – Lynyrd Paras

(I think about the concept first before the image. Before, my show was about black clouds, from there, I think of how the next one will follow.

Back when I was starting with my art, I already like the image; the fire element is significant to me and that is why I chose to present it here.)

Like every other venture, this started as an interest to know about Lynyrd and have a better grasp of how he is both as a person, and as an artist. We first met him back in a show that he did in 2017 and we were instantly drawn to his ideals and admired how he creates. From there, a potential partnership was sparked and the rest is history.

Yung quality of work niya, yung artistry niya, yung bawat detail sa ginagawa niya, at yung buong thought process kung pano siya gumawa, talagang matinding task yan dahil hindi siya basta bastang magagawa sa shirt.

Sa proseso ng pagpili ng tela, sa cutting, sewing, placing, at sa print, lahat na, each phase kailangan tutukan ng matindi, meticulous naman ang pag check sa lahat ng shirt na ginagawa at nilalabas, pero dito kailangan rin umayon kay Lynyrd.” shares VinceKids

(The quality of his works, his artistry, the details in every aspect of his work, and the whole thought process of how he creates, it really is a tough task to take on because we know that one won’t easily be able to produce this in a shirt. 

The process of choosing the fabric, cutting, sewing, placing, print, everything, and it is but necessary to concentrate on each of the sampling phase. We’re always meticulous in checking every shirt or product we make, but for this one, we also needed to make sure that it aligns with Lynyrd.)

We’re a firm believer of the power of consolidating ideas and the undeniable wonders of teaming up that is why we’re grateful for the opportunity to work with Lynyrd Paras – the plea to create and innovate is embodied and brought out in this collaboration, and this is the result of the efforts coming from a lot of brilliant individuals.

This was all conceptualized as early as March, and now that everything is slowly being pieced as one, we take pride and we are very much excited to show what we have been working on for months.

Kaya ba talaga natin? Hanggang saan na ba yung best na kayang gawin? Alam mo na kailangan mong i-set ng mas mataas yung bar para maganda yung tugma eh.

Hindi sa may doubts ka, pero mapapaisip ka kung kaya mo yung challenge. Never pa namin to nagawa, sinigurado talaga na magagawa ng maayos. Bawat corner at panel, walang random, kung pano siya dinesign yun ang sinunod.” explained further by EmilKids.

(Can we really do this? How great will our best work be? We knew that we needed to set the bar higher so that it can be up to par with our vision. 

Not that we doubt ourselves but it makes us wonder whether or not we can handle the challenge. We’ve never made anything like this before but we really made sure to do it precisely and properly. In every corner and panel (from the whole range of the collection) nothing was made randomly, it was all made exactly how it was designed.)

From the arrangement of initial studies, the design, the chosen colors, shooting the lookbook, and the process of planning for the event, we’ve deliberately gave time and considered how we’re going to execute and present the outcome of our collective notions – nothing short of exerting maximum effort.

Na sa katagalan mo sa pagiging artist. Sa duration ng pag gawa mo ng art – dapat ikaw at yung ginagawa mo iisa, yun dapat nakikita nila sa piyesa mo. Pag magkaiba, pag contradicting sa isa’t isa, hindi ikaw yun.” says Lynyrd about an artist’s identity.

(It varies on how long you’ve been an artist, it’s in the duration of how long you’ve been doing art – you and your creation must be one, that’s what they must see in the pieces you create. If they are distinct and contradicting from each other, that’s not you.)

Although we’re still learning, this time around, we’ve familiarized ourselves on how it is to launch a release, but now with the blessing and help of gallery owner Mr. Bigboy Cheng, we guarantee everyone an exceptional experience given that every endeavor and aspect for this project is a step up from the previous ones we’ve managed – we’re certain that you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Aside from the release, there will be special offers and limited prints up for grabs. Joining us are Baryo Berde Atbp, Bawal Clan, and Kartell’ Em who will all be performing at the event.

With that said, we would like to invite everyone on Saturday, August 25 at 3:00 PM at the Secret Fresh Gallery in Ronac Art Center – San Juan, Greenhills.







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