Plan the Perfect Getaway

October 4, 2018

Long drives, highway trips, beautiful scenes, and a distant journey on the road. Road trips are always exciting, especially when you’re going with family and/or friends. Going to a certain destination to relax, unwind, soak in fresh air, and get away from all the hustle and bustle from the metro is always a good idea so you can ease from the stress and be refreshed.

Think about how thrilling the experience can be, and it appears as if it makes one wants to go and hop on their car or get on a bus, and just reel in the moment. If that’s the case, if you guys are planning to make that long-awaited trip or simply just want to enjoy yourselves a spontaneous getaway, go ahead. Just be sure to secure the essentials so you won’t have to sweat the small things.   

Remember that one of your aim is to lessen your stress, so it obviously won’t do you good if you don’t arrange your trip properly. Don’t spoil all the fun and make your adventure worry-free so before you head out and get going, make it a point to pack all the things you need. Here’s a checklist we’ve prepared for you guys to help you keep things flowing smoothly and enjoyable.

Car Tools and Equipments

One of the most important things to consider is the condition of your vehicle and if it can take on long hours of travel. Even so, it’s but right to bring along some tools and gears like a spare tire just in case you run through unwanted incidents on the road.

First-aid Kit/ Emergency Kit

No one wants to run across accidents and injuries but if these things happen and the source of nearest basic aid supplies are about hundreds of kilometers away, small bruises have the potential to become worse if we don’t act on it quickly so best to have emergency kits on stand by if the need for it presents itself.


It’s best to keep your hygiene in check all throughout the trip so you make yourself presentable at all times, even if you are exhausted or under extreme weather conditions.

An Awesome Playlist

Whatever you’re doing, an excellent choice of songs will surely keep you going. A simple way to enjoy long hours of drive and/or travel is listening to good music where everybody can sing along or jam with. Preparing a playlist is sure to keep everyone’s energy and vibe flowing.

Gadget + Chargers

Not really a necessity but more of away to help you immortalize the fun moments and the experience overall. Snap some photos, record some clips that will make you remember how fun the experience is.

Sunscreens or Outerwear

Now this will depend on the location you’re going to, wether you’re heading to the beach where it is mostly sunny or going somewhere where the temperature is cold, of course it’s best to dress accordingly and protect the skin you’re in.

Snacks + Refreshments

You won’t always come across a place where you can eat or quench you’re thirst, and even if you do, at times the food being served will depend on where you’re situated in given that not all places serve the same viands. Bring some snacks you’d like to munch on and drinks that’ll keep you up, this will likewise help you save on spending.

Garbage Bags

Have the proper discipline wherever you are. As they say, clean as you go and take proper care of our environment. Help maintain the beauty of the place so others can also enjoy and appreciate how amazing the scenery is.

Swiss Army Gear

During trips like these, bottle openers, scissors, and those of the same kind will surely come in handy so make sure to have some Swiss army gear with you so won’t need to rely or depend on the help of others while you’re at it.

Keep these in your list and you can immediately resolve or come up with some quick fix once you encounter the need to do so. The intention is to enjoy the trip and have some fun so better think ahead to ensure that the trip is worthwhile and memorable.  

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Plan the Perfect Getaway

Long drives, highway trips, beautiful scenes, and a distant journey on the road. Road trips are always exciting, especially when you’re going with family and/or friends. Going to a certain destination to relax, unwind, soak in fresh air, and get away from all the hustle and bustle from the metro is always a good idea…

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