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20/20 VISION

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

The year 2019 just passed by in a blink of an eye, and now we enter a new year. This only means that another set of New Year's  resolutions and goals are up and waiting to be fulfilled...or not. 

Let’s admit it, how many times did you set up a New  Year's resolution and goal and actually doing it? Perhaps, you were able to have a successful streak for a couple of weeks? Or perhaps not? Because tendencies are people tend to forget about them after days of trying. Now, as we enter the year 2020, let’s hope for a better year of self-improvement and a “20/20 vision” to achieve our goals.

Why “20/20 Vision”, you ask? Well, here’s our take on it:


The introduction may sound discouraging but let us say this from the get-go; there is nothing wrong in setting up your resolutions and goals this year. We even encourage you to write everything you want to achieve this year. Write everything you want to change (attitude, bad habits, etc.) and the things you want to achieve so you can keep track of your progress. 

But here is the catch, just keep it to yourself. Spare us the time of you telling us what you would do this year. Why? Because “sight” is and should be activated this year. What the heck does this mean? Well, just keep reading.


We all know that it is easier to drop words of promises here and there to the point that people find it hard to trust them, and you should too! Never trust your words of promises! At this point, people trust actions more than words. 

“To see is to believe” as they say. 

So, drop the talking and start doing your goals and the things you want to change. Do this with one foot after the other. Take “small steps” of actions if you want. You could tumble a little bit along the way but always charge to experience. Continue to take this road towards your goals until it becomes a habit. And, a habit of doing things regularly becomes your character. You’d be surprised that the things you find  hard to do before eventually becomes your second nature.

Most of all, never disregard your progress no matter how small they may seem, and always trust the process, may it be a process of quitting your vices or a process of fulfilling your vision. And, always work in silence. The outcome of your hardwork will eventually speak. 

And I say, do better at fulfilling your resolutions and plans this year. Bounce back. This time, do not abandon your goals and promises. This time, be better at translating them into actions because there will always be a regret for the things that you wish you did when you still have time. So, drop your excuses and execute.