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Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. (DBTK) is the by-product of a dream and vision of the brothers, Emil and Vince Javier. It is a lifestyle and streetwear brand that aims to continue changing the mindset of people towards the young generation around the world, with its timeless, positive, and goal-oriented messages and designs imprinted on every product created.


The streetwear scene has been part of the identity of Emil Javier and Vince Javier. This gave them the idea to push their boundaries, and look past their limits to create their own brand. It started as a passion project with a keen interest in streetwear and culture. With little to no knowledge and resources about the new venture, they persistently continued and learned various ways to design and produce a shirt. After conceptualizing and planning on creating a brand, Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. (DBTK) was finally established in February 2012.

They built their very first pestle and mortar called DBTK Flagship Store, located at Shorthorn Street, Project 8, QC, in March 2014. Fast forward to 2020, the brand built its second store, the DBTK Satellite store, located in Ronac Art Center, San Juan. There will also be new stores coming soon!


With remarkable messages and unique artistry in each piece they produce, both of them were able to reach out and highlight the youth in every person they came across and positively influence those who believe in what they do. DBTK was able to form a community that believes in its craft. Since the followers of DBTK were growing, the Kids made a name for the supporters of the brand, calling it DBTKMOB. The emergence of this community gave Emil Kids and Vince Kids the drive to hold several pocket events, like the “Greater North”. Seeing the crowd with their overflowing support pushed the owners further in leveling up the brand.

Ever since then, the brand has never stopped moving forward and has continuously evolved by further cultivating their relationship with every individual and the community as a whole.


These big accomplishments and small wins paved the way for other opportunities for the brand.

Notable Collaborations and Partnerships of DBTK:


Expanding the reach of the brand has always been one of the goals of DBTK. The target is to have brand recognition internationally. For this to happen, the team is taking steps to achieve this goal by improving consistently and surpassing the achievements made in the past.