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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Here’s an open letter addressed to all the Kids, dreamers → doers, and to others from different walks of life:


We all have different journeys and dreams that we set our sail to. However, amidst these differences and adversities, all of us have the same goal, which is to achieve it.


So, I say to you, that no matter from what walk of life that we come from, let us all BE THE RISING TIDE THAT LIFTS ALL BOATS and be the person that lends a hand to pull our comrades up.


For DBTK, this is something that the brand values and wishes that the Kids will adapt this way of thinking. It’s a way of thinking that prompts us to help, respect and support those who surrounds us until we all make it to where we want to be.


When this way of thinking becomes an action, the brand wishes that it will eventually create a ripple effect and create a community that harbors growth and safe space for all.


May the mantra “Be the rising tide that lifts all boats”, destroys the looming tendency of crab mentality that most of us suffer from every now and then.


Understand that crab mentality is a mentality that could easily cloud our minds with jealousy, insecurity, hopelessness, etc. And, the best thing to do when this happens is to focus on your abilities, acknowledge and support the success of others and know that your time will come.


We should all unite and create an environment that nurtures and supports everyone. No negativity. No toxicity. All respect to the hustle and support to fellow comrades.