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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Lex Perry

I guess it’s obvious by now that we are big fans of artists, galleries, exhibits, and conventions. Well, if you haven’t noticed that still, here’s another one. Yup, we visited quite a number of artist exhibits at Secret Fresh – Ronac Art Center located in San Juan City last Sunday, June 17.

Now there’s no need to do further explaining here. Just browse through the photos and let the artworks alone be enough to make you think and feel.

First off, we have ‘Mental block’ by Christian Tamondong.

Here’s ‘Out and Proud’ by Pow Marin

Photos from: VinceKids

This piece is a collaboration between Secret Fresh and The Electricianz – a Swiss watch brand

Aside from the awesome artworks, you may also purchase a variety of interesting stuff at Secret Fresh, they have some wearable art for sale. (@secretfreshgallery @secretfreshtoys)

Secret Fresh x Tokidoki

This is Rambie – The Transwoman Soldier

the third artist is Ronald Ventura with his exhibit ‘Anito Simpson’

The place is filled with lots of good stuff, we know. But take it from us, you guys haven’t seen the entire thing yet, and our photos won’t do you justice if you think that this is all there is to see. Nothing beats getting first hand experience and actually seeing everything live for yourself.

There’s also a painting exhibit by Mowen Li entitled ‘What Philippines Tought Me…’ unfortunately, we failed to secure photos of her exhibit – but all the more should you go and #visitronac

These guys from Secret Fresh just gave you guys more reasons to visit Ronac. If you haven’t seen the place for a long while, now is the time to give it a visit. We’re inviting you guys to see how beautiful the whole place is – amuse yourselves with magnificent art while your favorite artist’s exhibits are still showing.

For more information, you may contact them at +632570-9815 or email them at