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by Lisa Dela Rosa |



: used to express good wishes (such as wishing success and good fortune) to a person embarking on a journey


The collection name “Godspeed” came to fruition when Vince Kids, Emil Kids and their family went for a trip to Ilocos Province. Vince Kids thought of “Godspeed” because each and every person is embarking on their respective journeys every day.


This journey that we are on is something that it is not linear. We may encounter bumpy roads or detours, but we must all face these hurdles and overcome them. These challenges may come in different forms, and most of the time, internal conflict arises. There will come a time that you will doubt your capabilities, fear of failure, over thinking of possible scenarios, etc. that could hinder us from pushing through. But, overcoming these tendencies by trusting yourself will add more fuel to your journey. Always think why you have started in the first place, and how badly you want it.


In addition, always remember that the world will revolve no matter what happens, and it will not adjust to your liking. Perfect timing might be just a fairytale, and your journey might not go according to your plan, but you must take charge and welcome adjustments always.


Now, this sentiment could be something that is happening to you right now because of these trying times. And, best believe that it also affected the release of Godspeed Spring/Summer 2020 collection. So, I asked a few questions to Vince Kids on how different the planning process and execution of this collection, especially with the pandemic that’s happening.



Vince Kids: “Everything was planned out even before ECQ happened. We already have a location, models, styling, photog, video concept, etc. for this collection. However, everything changed when ECQ was imposed. We need to scrap our previous plan and think of other ways on presenting this collection without sacrificing the quality of both the products and presentation.”


When the unexpected happens, you make do with what you have, and what is possible in the given situation. Clearly, video shoots are not possible as well as photoshoots with models in different locations. So, releasing more creativity and having a different approach to provide and present a collection is a must for the DBTK Team.


“If you remember in our 1st vlog, I mentioned the possibility of using the current HQ’s backyard for catalog shoots. It was also one of the reasons why we rented the place because it was a perfect spot for product shoots, especially in this collection. And, this spot was vital to pull off new ideas that we have, given the situation.”


Speaking of catalog shoots and teaser photos for Godspeed, Vince Kids was very hands-on when it comes to this aspect as he did all the shooting and post-processing of the photos.


“There was a slight nervousness when doing photog for Godspeed collection because it is something I never done after a couple of years.”


Apart from these, he also asked help from Brian to create an illustration lookbook so that the Kids will still have an idea on how to mix and match the products in this collection.


Vince Kids also mentioned that the drop of this collection was also adjusted. Initially, the first drop of Godspeed collection was planned to happen on April until May. And, it was supposed to be released in their 2nd Flagship Store. But nevertheless, he was happy of the outcome of this collection.


To end with a note, I just want you to remember that sometimes, when you are trapped in a box, you then decide to think outside the box. Heck, you will be even forced to see that there is no box. And, there are boundless ideas, possibilities and creativity that you can do with the things that you have right now.


To further explain this idea, sometimes, when we see and feel comfort, we are blind-sided by what lies behind that comfort. Then, when the comfort that we experience is being challenged, we are then forced to step outside the box. And, you’d be surprised that there are far more things that you are capable of doing outside your comfort zone.


And, this is where Godspeed comes in. All of these roadblocks, detours and mishaps are part of the journey. There will be self-discovery and picking up wisdom and knowledge along the way. And, this journey is equally important to the destination that you want to achieve.

First drop of Godspeed Spring/Summer 2020 collection is now happening. Stay tuned for more fresh drops of this collection!