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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Lex Perry Ignacio @xelyrrep


5 fruitful years and just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, you guys have once again made this one reach a whole new level. You people never fail to give us something to remember and share; and even if I have a lot of things to say, words still aren’t enough to suffice the outcome of the entire experience.

Yes, we still get those Goosebumps every time we reminisce and talk about the things that happened during that fun-filled night. Certainly, the event wouldn’t be as exciting and successful without our partners from Yellow Cab Pizza Co., PONY, and Smirnoff. A good flow of delicious pizza, refreshing drinks, and awesome prizes were served and made available because of them.

Guys, it’s always remarkable and exhilarating to know how all of you recall the early phases or your first time knowing DBTK; may it be through an online transaction, an encounter in a convention or gathering, or even through the traditional word of mouth. Not long before the brand was established, it was already on top… not figuratively, but literally. Back when there were still meet-ups being conducted, we would link up with the buyers at the top-level parking space of a mall in Quezon City. After which and if time permits, we would spend some minutes conversing so we could get to know each other better. I guess that became a remembrance of some sort, given that those days are now history.

As we commemorate and celebrate yet another year, we brought in new pieces featuring the brand anniversary and the Halloween collection. Along with the special shirt release, we have prepared exclusive activities that would extend homage to the passionate kids out there.

The first thing you’ll notice once your nearing the Flagship store was the smooth music coming from DJ Sal² and the photo exhibit by our visual creators Jewel Basinang and The Visual Club members Raymond Manglo, Kris Villano, Christian Babista, and Ed Enclona with Chino Villagracia as the main videographer of the event. Their works of art made the surroundings much more enticing and colorful and these people happen to be the reason why we have such great content. But aside from them, there were also a number of equally artistic and amazing photographers that were present and helped cover the event.

Of course, no one would forget the talent-packed Passion Show from 10 individuals of various specialties. Every second, every word or verse, every move, and every maneuver from these acts were truly amazing and full of so much vibe so I hope you guys made sure that you didn’t blink nor miss a beat while watching them.

It was the graceful and amazing talents of Les Paul, Zyro, Hash One, Belle, Third, Angelo, Gary & RKidd that created such great impact in the place, but it was Jobert, Tryx, and Popoy who won the hearts of the judges and thus awarded the 3rd to 1st place respectively. Congratulations to all of you who showcased your amazing talents, you guys gave us chills.

Anybody and everybody were welcome. It didn’t matter what they were into or where they came from as long as they were one with our plight. It was intense and vivid, no one came in nor out empty handed. Everyone had their hands raised with one holding a cup and the other carrying out their recording device to immortalize the moment.

To cap off the night, we had Dj Maxiimo the people grooving to his beats as Astro Kidd, Dalla, Pzycho Sid, Ryke, Row 4, and Al James later on serenaded the crowd, raised their energy and amplified their spirits with their catchy tunes. There was never a dull moment indeed, and it’s all because of every single one of you who shared this memorable affair with all of us.

The projects are starting to unfold little by little, and as we glide along this expedition; we continue to build relationships and meet more brilliant minds; together, we help one another achieve our dreams and take our goals to greater heights.

A round of applause not for the brand and definitely not to us, but to you who knows that flexing is more than just a fashion statement, that it is not only through what you wear or have on, but also by showing who you truly are and what you do that defines you.

Massive shout-outs to everyone who made this journey possible and full of wonder, especially to the day ones who were there with us ever since we began. As always, there’s still a lot more waves coming your way so stick around and ride the tide.

It’s the little things that create the biggest impacts. You all have proven this by making us realize that small acts of appreciation can become big things.


(Video by: Chino Villagracia of @thevisualclub)