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DBTK | Akira

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Akira Harigae is a photographer based in Tokyo. Everything about the city is what sparked his passion for photography.


(Akira Hariage wearing the Mecha tee, Metadata cuban polo, Menpo facemask, and Snap Shoot camera strap from CHROMA collection)

“It all started here – the people, the day to day living, the architecture, the cityscape, the randomness this place has to offer. All of which made me want to capture it all, from my own perspective.” - Akira


© Akira Harigae

© Akira Harigae

Learning photography and gaining knowledge that he has now were taken from his willingness to experiment, do trial & errors, and charging to experience every setback. He also has friends, his fellow creatives, who are willing to answer his questions when he was still learning.


“For me, failing isn't a mistake. It's an opportunity. A chance to learn, to grow, to be better.” - Akira


(Mecha tee from CHROMA collection)

(Blue Hour tee from CHROMA collection) 



Finding your own style and identity are common in the creative field.


For Akira, being surrounded by amazing artists who have various approach to photography, paved the way into finding his own style.


© Akira Harigae

© Akira Harigae

© Akira Harigae


Over the years, he tried different styles, like having vibrant colors or going for dark and moody tones. Somehow, picking a certain style is not as simple as “black and white” for Akira.


“…I found it hard to decide which one I should go with. But then I thought to myself, why not create something that I can apply to pretty much anything? Something that can cover the whole spectrum, flexible enough to adapt to any type of genre.” - Akira


This compelled Akira to make his own style, which is CHROMA.


(Zoom L/S tee from CHROMA collection)

(Zoom L/S tee from CHROMA collection)


Sharing his photos from his point of view is what Akira wants his audience to see and appreciate.


He also wants his audience to realize that there’s no right or wrong formula in photography or in art in general. One must be free, creative, and imaginative when expressing vision in any art form.


“We all have the freedom to create, and I think that's one of the few things that I want to share with my audience too. The liberty of creativity.” - Akira


(Metadata cuban polo, Mecha tee, and Menpo facemask from CHROMA collection)

(Metadata cuban polo, Mecha tee, Snap Shoot camera strap and Menpo facemask from CHROMA collection)

DBTK | Akira – Chroma Collection

This collection will showcase Akira’s identity and experiences encapsuled in the following collaboration pieces: Mecha tee, Blue Hour tee, Zoom L/S tee, Metadata cuban polo, Snap Shoot camera strap, Menpo facemask, and DBTK | Akira sticker pack.


Catch the drop on July 31, 2021, at (10am), DBTK Flagship and Satellite stores.