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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

What’s the first thing that comes to mind with the term “quality”? I bet most will equate “quality” with the durability of a certain product. Or, some might add that it is the inferiority or superiority of a product, which determines whether it can compete in the market. Although both are correct, we are just merely scratching the surface of the term “quality”. If we switched through the lenses of DBTK, there are insights that you might find interesting when it comes to viewing the word QUALITY GOODS. 

Built from the ground up, DBTK always does its best to continue to serve quality goods to the Kids from the very beginning. The founders see to it that they give the full potential of the brand and provide good quality to the customers. Emil Kids and Vince Kids even recall that they wanted to put, not one, but three shirt labels when they were producing their very first shirts. For them, having shirt labels is one way to show that they already have a vision for DBTK’s branding. It also proves the authenticity and value of the product. It marks the founders’ vision for setting standards as the brand progresses.


When it comes to durability and wearability of DBTK’s products, the founders make a creative and reasonable decision before releasing the products in the market. They consider which fabrics can best work in tropical weather when it comes to shirts without sacrificing the durability and comfortability of the product. While there are some products in which they choose a thicker fabric like what they did in the Genesis collection hoodies. For Emil Kids, this particular adjustment is for the sole purpose of the adaptability of the hoodies where it can also withstand the weather conditions in other countries. 

They also draw inspiration and insight from the fabrics used in both local and international brands. For Vince Kids, there is always a reason why they choose a certain kind of fabric. One of the factors include what fabric is best for simple or complex shirt designs. They always find a balance between the affordability of the product without sacrificing the physical quality of the product. 

In addition, the term “quality goods” is also about the work ethic of the brand. There are instances where some of their products are a bit pricey, and Vince Kids explained that there are reasons why this is so. It is most likely because of the complexity of the design and how it will be best executed because they do not want to produce a “half-baked” product. Sometimes, a decision has to be made with this kind of dilemma to best live out the term QUALITY GOODS.

According to the founders, it is also important to have a reliable supplier to execute the products that will pass their standards. It should also be the best of both worlds when it comes to the time of execution and quality. Everything must be on time, from giving the designs to give ample time for the supplier to produce the goods without rushing. 

After the nitty gritty process of the products, the best part comes in which is sharing the products to the Kids. Every product is crafted and molded with a message in its core with hopes that the Kids will relate to. As mentioned earlier, QUALITY GOODS is not just about the physicality of the product but it also serves as a vial that contains a message that the brand wants to share and influence others to live by it.