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by Lionel Emil Javier |

After all that long-ass hectic preparations and trying to make ends meet, the day has finally come. It’s now Saturday, Aug.3 and we can’t lie, it’s all mixed emotions at this point. Excited, worried, thrilled, nervous, and eveything in between – we just really want to pull this off properly.

As early as 2AM, Nick Automatic’s very own Chad Nimor and the production team were already at the venue for the setup of the area, at around 10AM ingress officially started and little by little, people started showing up. Fortunately, we were ready to accommodate guests coming in before doors officially opened.

We were very happy knowing that our collection with Nick Automatic did create some buzz and that it was well-received by the audience. I mean, we honestly thought that people were more into the performances, but then again, we ran out of stocks to sell that day so safe to say, the clothes were also a big factor. After all, we both are apparel brands and shirts and design are our strong suit.

Going back to the event, we couldn´t even put into words how hard we´ve worked for this. From the venue, production, long process of negotiations, constant adjustments, and all other else, it was a sigh of relief seeing everything in place as the event started.

A few moments in, and things were kicked off by Renz Viaje and his gang of BMX specialists. Here we have our SEA games representive for the BMX Flatland event along with other talented cyclists showing off their spectacular moves.  

Then we were down to the exciting acts lined up for the night. Not to mention having the show hosted by emcee M$tryo and Flux Architects´ vocalist Jay Palmos. By this time, the energy was higher and the crowd was livelier because they know rockstars were about to hit the stage. 

Having that said, we want to give a special shoutout to all our artists and surprise guests for the night – Dj Maxiimo, Three Legged Men, Droppout & Rhyne, Autotelic, OWFUCK, Typecast, Nobrand, Colt, Space Moses, Because, Alisson Shore, Kiyo, Chicosci, then the night was capped off by Al James. 

Of course, this was also made possible by our media partners and partners JB Music Philippines, Bratpack, Complex Lifestyle Store, Biker´s Nook, Smirnoff Mule Philippines, Buddy´s, and Decal Republic.

Awesome freebies and raffle prizes plus heavy performances from start to finish, and never was there any dull moment and it´s all because of your undivided support and willing involvement in what we do. This is all because of us. It was a FUSION indeed, and our hearts our filled. Thank you so much! You guys will never how much everything means to us.

This is by far the biggest one we did, and we couldn´t have done it without the help of the whole team. Now that we´re back to the planning phase, it´s time to think of something bigger and better. More waves coming soon. See you all on the next one!