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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Still remember the icons and characters you grew up liking as a Kid? Well, now’s not the time to let your youth die. Whether you’re young now or young once, we’re sure that our friends from Sanrio will remind you of your childhood and all the wonderful memories from the good ol’ days.

And now that we’ve started teasing you guys with this upcoming project, we’re happy to announce that our very own Tom Clutch have made new pals in Kero Keroppi, Hello Kitty & Bad Badtz-Maru, and what better way to celebrate this friendship and bond than to translate it to a dreamy, nostalgic, and adorable collection that boys and girls from all ages can appreciate and enjoy.

Now another great thing about Sanrio is their sense of flexibility and adaptation. The fact that they’ve managed to grow out of their comfort zone without sacrificing the identity and integrity of their characters is already amazing in itself. We’ve seen the gang in other brands alike and they’ve proven to be iconic also in the streetwear scene; blessed are we that of all other potential collaborators, the Hong Kong-based company have chosen to do this special collaboration with us.

As Kids ourselves, it is but a dream come true being able to work with the figures and symbols that helped make every play time and juvenile experience memorable and worthwhile and as we inch closer to the launch of the DBTK x Sanrio collection, let’s all keep in mind that great things come in small packages and every adventure offers a promising experience that we can learn a lot from.

Before we get all excited, take note that the pieces come in pretty limited quantities and will be launching on July 6, Saturday @ the DBTK Flagship Store.