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by Lionel Emil Javier |

More than just a clothing brand, Don’t Blame the Kids aims to show everyone especially the youth of today that nothing is unreachable as long as you are fueled by the right and proper mind-set, behavior, and attitude, hence the title of the event, “We the Youth”.

After almost 4 years since the brand has started, owners Mil and Vince have made a great number of friends and supporters and continue to meet new ones as they constantly progress and proceed with their journey. I can say this because I was present back in the first mob meet and you cannot not notice the developments made and see the large increase in the number of attendees. Beyond that, I was with them since the beginning and that makes me a witness as well, of how the brand has evolved.

As I have mentioned earlier, these friends of ours that we likewise consider as family, come from different walks of life, different places, different influences, and have different identities, but what we all have in common is the similar level, and intensity of passion.

Complex Lifestyle Store is emerging and becoming one of the top stores being known to all as a specialty shop carrying various products such as footwear, garments, and accessories from notable brands and Don’t Blame the Kids is ecstatic to team up with them and be one of those brands whose products are being sold at their stores. I honestly think this is an efficient way for people from other locations can access and get hold of what the brand has to offer. Right now DBTK products are available for sale at the TriNoma branch of Complex.

Aside from celebrating the official partnership of the brand together with the amazing people behind Complex Lifestyle Store, the event is basically an invitation to everyone who wants to get to know more about Don’t Blame the Kids and the purpose is to gather them and meet with new people that may be potential acquaintances, which is similar to, if not the same as making a bigger circle of friendship and sharing positive energy and good vibes.

Entertaining music from DJ Jams of Manila Hypin and live performances by Noel An, MSTRYO, and Gold Tooth surely made this event a lot more fun and interesting since they made everyone dance and bust their moves. It was really nice to see people having a great time, not to mention the awesome freebies that were handed out and special raffle giveaways in between music sets.

With a profound message of connecting to the young generation of today, and the will to unite bright minds and distinct personalities, Don’t Blame the Kids also launched the exclusive release of We the Youth tees especially made for the event itself as a way of thanking fellow DBTKMOB members and its supporters and to provide everyone with a special remembrance and memory of one of the biggest events up to date that the brand has hosted.






Until the next time, we’ll see you guys soon.