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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

The theme for this Spring/Summer 2022 collection is about after-school activities, hence, the name “DOERS CLUB”. So, what is the concept/story behind the said club?

DOERS CLUB is dedicated to all the Kids from different walks of life who have the same goal of achieving their dreams. It is a by-product of Kids who met at the detention room. The reasons for them being in detention are not what you think 😉


Disclaimer: The background story of each of the “founders” is purely conceptual and 100% fictional.

  • THE JOCKS: They are not your typical snob jocks, but they are super passionate about basketball.
    • Reasons for detention? The Male Jock missed a lot of classes due to prioritizing his training. As for the Female Jock, she threw a ball and bruised the bully’s face.

  • THE FASHIONISTA: She is very sociable and passionate about art and fashion. She’s named as the “nicest person” in school.
    • Reason for detention? Hanging around with students who got into trouble. The professor assumed she’s part of the situation.

  • THE CLASS PRESIDENT: A participative, jolly, and energetic leader. She is best friends with the fashionista.
    • Reason for detention? Heard that her BFF got into detention and decided to accompany her.

  • THE NERD: He does not talk too much, but he is smart and passionate about studying. His social skills are not that great, but he gets along with the class president and the fashionista.
    • Reason for detention? Caught sleeping in class due to staying up late doing advanced study.

  • THE SKATER: A free spirited person who struggles at obeying the rules, but persistent at what he wants to accomplish.
    • Reason for detention? Bumped the professor while skating in the hallway.

  • THE PHOTOGRAPHER: A mysterious person. He hangs with the skater and shooting the skater’s skateboard tricks
    • Reason for detention? Used the school’s darkroom without permission to develop his photos and got caught.


The purpose of DOERS CLUB is to introduce different personalities, sporting their respective statement tees. We hoped that you liked this year’s DBTK SS22, and the collection is still available at, DBTK Flagship and Satellite stores.