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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

PRODUCTION BY: Vincekids and Emilkids 

Every brand has a story to tell; like how the brand was rooted from influences when they were just starting. That’s why it forms a distinct culture and values that are unique compared to other brands. Expect DBTK to be one of the brands who grew rooted from experiences and influences. 

So, don’t believe when people say “It’s all about the hype.” Try to dive deep and see why the brand resonates to most people. Talk with the DBTKMOB. Have a conversation with the founders (Emilkids and Vincekids). You’ll eventually see the influences and vision embedded with every release. 

Now, let’s look at one scenario. Let’s say your deep in the “hype”, now we want you to learn and understand that “hype” isn’t all there is in this brand. We want to reach out to you and make a connection with hopes of deepening your reason for supporting this brand. In some way, we all  have shared connections because we have a shared influence. 

So, what are the influences of the brand? When DBTK was non existent yet, Emilkids and Vincekids had  an eye and passion for clothing. They recalled that they always wanted to wear clothes that were unique to all. Vincekids mentioned that he saw a different world and culture in their go-to stores. He was inspired by it because he saw how the owners made “clothing” as an outlet to express themselves. 

Apart from these, their major influences were 90’s anime, consoles, collecting cards (NBA cards, Pokemon cards, teks, etc.), taekwondo or sports, in general, and music. These influences were some of the core that made  up DBTK. It just evolves from time to time and it takes up different forms, but same roots of influences. And, one of the major things that DBTK promotes is the love for passion and hustle. 

“DBTK was built for dreamers like us.” DBTK wants to continuously remind you that nothing is impossible if you hustle for it. Nothing is impossible if you’re determined and believe that you can reach it. That’s what DBTK wants you to remember each time you grab their shirts, accessories, etc. That’s what DBTK wants you to feel every time you wear them. That’s why “DREAM BIG. START SMALL.” is their mantra. 

Vincekids shared a story about when they were just kids, him and Emilkids always shared stories about their dreams and goals. “Sana in the future, magkaroon tayo ng ganito.” Indeed, every kid dreamed of what they wanted and who they want to become when they grow up. All you have to do is find the drive to make those dreams come to life. And, that’s what DBTK wants to share to you. 

However, pursuing dreams aren’t just a bed of roses. There are times where you will encounter roadblocks along the way. There are times where you feel like if it's still worth it to continue. There are times where you’re having a crisis and don’t know what’s your purpose. There are times where you will doubt yourself and your progress. 

The founders weren’t an exception in these road blocks. There was a time where they had difficulty finding their purpose, and encountered doubts during the early stages of the brand. However, their major milestone occurred during the 5th Year Event of DBTK. It was where the tides had shifted. During the event, they hosted a “passion” show where they let “up and coming” local artists perform. Three hundred plus people attended the event and that was when they realized that they were on the right path. That was when they realized that there were people who appreciated what they do. Because of this spark, some of their dreams were coming to life. Because of this, they were able to move forward and continued the hustle.  Because of this, the dream continued. 

Now, ask yourselves. Do you support this brand because of the hype? Or because of the shared experience and vision that the brand entails? Only you can  determine the answer. 

But, don’t get me wrong because there’s nothing wrong with the hype. We just want you not to stay in that plane.

DBTK doesn’t want that to be the only reason why you support the brand. But, DBTK also wants you to be inspired by the stories and hustle of the brand which are embedded in each and every collection DBTK releases.