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by DBTK Admin |

By: Lex Perry

Visuals by: LDR

Without having ample or much warning and notice, we all had to endure and strictly administer changes in our daily lives. I mean, big changes; drastic changes that are nothing like the usual. Changes that are entirely different from what we were used to or at least familiar with.


So this is the ‘new normal’, and though there may be long list of negative things that have happened, and continue to happen, I want you take this moment instead to highlight and also realize that there still are beautiful and positive things that we were able to come across and bring about – see, it’s truly amazing how sudden, unfavorable, and unfortunate events & circumstances can help us rediscover ourselves and develop our lives further.


By now, we all should have learned how impactful and invaluable adjustment and adaptation is. Come to think of it, no one expected nor anticipated that this is how it’s going to be, and even if there may be some who did, none of us were prepared for any of this, yet here we are; fighting another day despite not knowing how and when this madness will end. And yes, I get it. I do know that it’s not easy, it’s not simple having to go through all of this uncertainty, especially if you’ve sacrificed and suffered greatly because of what’s been happening lately.


The things is, we must fight the fights that matter, we must find a way to see the brighter side of things despite how dark our days can get, and I believe we’re doing so. We’re being more aware by having more appreciation towards the people working in the frontlines. We’re being more aware by knowing the fact that we are not able to do as much as them during a crisis, and that keeps us humbled and grounded. But more than that, the situation is challenging not only the norm, but it also challenges us, both individually and collectively – and I do believe we’re rising up to the challenge slowly but surely.


That desk which used to be messy and cluttered has now turned into an organized workstation. The lifeless corner in the house has now turned into a spot which features a magnificent display. The room which only used to be a place where you rest has now turned into a sanctuary which allows you to do much more than just sleep. We now know our way around the kitchen. We have breathe more life into our homes and make it more lively now that we’re into plants.

We’re learning how to get things done at work and at school while we’re in the comfort of our home, we’re learning to explore new ways on how to earn and be of service to others by starting our own business, we’re learning to expand our skills and broaden our horizons by trying things and picking up new hobbies and activities. We’re learning how to deal and cope with the worries and troubles of tomorrow by trying to figure out what we can do to be better today.


From being ignorant to now becoming mindful. From being incapable to now becoming resourceful. From being wreckless to now becoming disciplined and careful. From being indifferent and irreverent to now becoming appreciative and respectful. It’s no longer just about trying to survive because now, we’re living again, and it’s up to us whether we allow it to bring about a better or worse transformation. Because at the end of the day, it’s the choices, the decisions and the response we make that will determine how whether or not we move forward.


It’s not just about productivity, but also self-discovery. If we’ve grown far and indifferent from we used or aim to be, let’s use this pause to work and return to ourselves.


For the longest time, we have been encouraged and asked to distance ourselves from others, and perhaps, it has in turn allowed us to reconnect and form an even more stronger bond with the people that matter. Instead of continuosly complaining about how we get to spend less time with our friends, classmates, and/or workmates, let us be thankful that we are now able to make more time for family. Instead of being drawn to the negatives, let us make the effort to channel our focus and energy of how the situation can help us grow and change for the better.


When we open our hearts and minds and make the conscious effort to adapt & adjust, we are able to welcome change and learn to accept its inevitability, even if unwarranted or unwanted. Even if it’s hard and scary, we must have the courage to realize that there is beauty in trying to make things work despite how limited or how restricting things can be. Because maybe, just maybe, we get to do even more even if we only have and work with less.


Come what may, I hope we continue to push and strive to be better everyday. Here’s to combatting against the swarm of struggles and challenges we continue to face and allowing it to formidably transform us into stronger, wiser, and more beautiful beings.