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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Illustrations from: KidIllus + LDR + Ella Girl + PINS


Have you ever experienced that time where Computer class gets really boring to a point where you’d rather do other things instead of getting bombarded with whatever is going on; and it so happens that the ‘other thing’ translates to a lot of options given that you’re in front of a desktop and one of the ever-famous choices one would make was actually surfing the web and play whatever game they feel like playing in Miniclip or Y8 or going through the built-in apps like Minesweeper and Pinball or scribbling with MS Paint.

How nostalgic it is looking back at the younger days when life wasn’t as stressful and the thing you worry about the most was the meal you were going to eat or what you were going to do after class. It’s always a sweet thing to reminisce about the days when we were in grade school or high school even. Running along the hallways and just looking forward to play with friends – maybe now kids have a different way of entertaining themselves, or maybe they have another definition of having fun.

Digital games are now made much more accessible thanks to the gadgets and technology of today, and maybe that’s why the past always reminds us how much things were sentimental because things weren’t as easy to do back then. Just imagine the people who came before us – like our parents and grandparents. Progression indeed has its way of letting us appreciate life and the things around us because the changes that take place demands to be felt and the result will be based on how we react on it.

Nowadays, games are far more realistic and maybe engaging or interactive so to say but those from the past make us see the beauty in simplicity and entice us even further to acknowledge that things have now come far ever since it has began. Please don’t get me wrong, I am nowhere near trying to imply that the games from before are better than the games we play now or vice-versa and the same goes for the kids at present and the kids at heart. I just want to give props to the wistful times because who doesn’t want to immortalize the moments of their youth at its peak right?

We hope that as you’re reading this, you’d rock a smile on your face knowing that you’re childhood was filled with good times and memories worthy of being cherished and treasured for life. Looking forward, it’s our unspoken duty to also guide and help build a bright path to the kids that are next in line. Cheers to more great experiences and high jinks!