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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Cover photo by: Niña Cudal

Illustrations by: Enya Cruz


Do you ever feel like time passes by so quickly? The days are moving faster, to the point that everything is a blur. 


This is because our perception of time changes as we get older. But why does it seem that way?


It is true that our experience of time is flexible. There are instances when time moves slow, and there are times where it flies by. But here is when experts think time moves fast for most of us. 


As we get older, we garner fewer new experiences as we become more familiar to the world we live in. We do not have lots of new information to process, we have greater responsibilities to focus on, and most of us have to do the same routine everyday to make a living. 


According to studies, this familiarity and repetition are what speed up our perception of time. 


But if we are to compare it with our childhood days, why does time seem to move slower? Why does it feel like we have all the time in the world even if we also have our own routine back then?


This is because we are always experiencing fresh sensations as our childhood stage is basically all about learning. It is all about knowing the ropes and familiarizing how the world works. 


With this, we have more information that we need to process back then, which makes time feel to be stretched out. 


Hence, back to the present, if we introduce ourselves to new environments or new experiences, it will make the memories stand out and stretch time in a way. 


So, keep learning new things, visit new places once in a while, try new hobbies, meet new people, and be spontanenous.


The more new information our brain has to process, the more our internal clock will slow down.