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by Lionel Emil Javier |

The music industry and fans from all over the world including us are shocked, saddened and mourning over the untimely death of rap icon and self-thought musician Malcolm James McCormick, or more known as Mac Miller who was only 26 years young. Reports state that the Pittsburgh-native was found unresponsive on September 7 at his Studio City home.

This is truly tragic news and all the time we were wishing that it were a hoax. His music and lyrics were always relatable to many and we were all amazed by how he did his music. A bit of jazz, funk, hip-hop, and many more; it was a bit of everything and all of it was beautiful and made with so much thought. He was a brilliant man who has so much positivity even when he was facing challenges and struggles.

Before all the success he’s had in the later years, it would be noticeable how much he hustled and worked hard at a younger age to be in the position where he is – If you guys are not familiar with his music, go and give his tracks a listen and you’d know that almost everything about his songs are quotable and worthy of being stressed because it would fit in a certain phase or situation one is going through.

His songs always inspired us to do more and it motivates us to overcome our problems. We even used his track ‘Best Day Ever’ from his mixtape back in 2011 for our first ever video that was published in 2012 for our ‘Back to School‘ collection. We are solid fans of his and we were fortunate enough to witness how he has evolved and matured since then that’s why it’s hard for us to take in this tragedy.

He was open about his problems and substance abuse, and he vowed to do something about it. His songs were encouraging and full of vibe that’s why it made its way to Billboards – he was noted as a chart topper who encouraged people to take a stand and battle whatever adversity they were going through. He even served as great help to other musicians like SZA.

It’s just deeply saddening to accept the fact that we all lost another great, not to mention how soon and surprising this all came to be. He was supposed to do more, he was supposed to be on tour for the album he dropped just last month entitled ‘Swimming’. Who would’ve thought that it was going to be his last?

Keep grinding and stay true to your vision just like how Mac encouraged us to do so. Never ever let a problem or struggle take the best out of you, no matter how big it may be. Call for help, reach out to a friend, be a helping hand, go check on your friends and family. Make sure to let them know that they’re not alone

Writing an article like this is never easy, but this is our way of paying our respects to the most dope, the coolest Jewish rapper, and truly one of the greatest ever to hit the stands and rock the mic. Your music will forever live in both our hearts and minds. You and your awe-inspiring legacy will never be forgotten Malcolm. Thank you for giving us more life. Rest in Paradise, you’re in a better place now.