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by Lionel Emil Javier |

There are a lot of ways to enjoy your summer vacation or free time. Like going on a trip, eating out, visiting interesting spots, hunting for good finds, bonding with friends, creating something new, learning more stuff, attending events, any many other else. Yes, there truly are numerous ways to have fun and make every moment count, and we’re very grateful that these kids chose to do a lot of these things with us.

This is our first time accepting interns, and honestly, we didn’t have a clear idea or vivid picture of how to handle and deal with internships – and we still can do much better, but I take pride and joy in saying that we’ve all made countless memories and experiences together that are worth treasuring. Our office or headquarters (the “HQ”) is indeed livelier, spirits are high, and we can do so much more because we all work in unison and have a strong sense of team chemistry.

Seeing these younger guys work and create, we can’t help but feel moved and strive to further do better. Though the goal is always to step it up a notch every time, these guys make the journey a lot more exciting and worthwhile. It’s good to know that these young creators have a lot to offer and that they all have a ton of potential. We’re just happy that we’re with them along their way to greatness.

Here are some pictures of how what a typical day looks like in the workplace. A pretty chill and wonder-filled day; this is a group that composes of people from different interests and different capabilities. Piece all of that together, and we all get blown away of what we produce.

As much as we want to keep this within ourselves, we can’t help but share with you all how exhilarating everything has been. As usual, there’s no stopping from here and you can expect us to make bigger things for our next projects. Yeah we regularly tell you these sh*t, but staying true and consistent, you know these all ain’t just another mumble and babble. We’re here to execute and deliver.

Think you can help us do better? If you want to work and have your internship with us, and being part of the team strongly appeals to you then let’s talk. Hit us an email at with your CV, and cover letter. Looking forward!