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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Written by: Giannel Marcos


Prod. by: Stolen Identity


Photos from: LUNA M.

Layout by: Lisa Dela Rosa

The first-ever DC Super Heroes Café in the Philippines officially opened its doors to the public on June 23rd last Saturday in SM Megamall, and we are giving you the complete rundown of what went down on that day from their fun program down to the must-tries in the new coolest café for the kids in the Metro, and I’m not even talking about a certain age bracket here.

At 10:30 am, there was already a great deal of hype outside the café—many people were already lined up for the 12:30 pm official opening and the press were all excitedly taking pictures of the place, admiring and documenting everything there was to be shown to everyone. We, the girls of DBTK were there checking out the menu, learning different trivia about DC characters (yes, that’s how cool their menu is) while noticing even the smallest details of the café’s commitment to the theme from chairs labeled after the likes of Harley Quinn, Damian Wayne, etc., well-decorated interior, friendly cosplayers chatting with comic artists who have probably drawn their characters many times over, down to the overwhelming display of different DC merchandise.

The short yet sweet speech of the owner of the café, Edric Chua warmly welcomed the press as he talked about the nostalgic Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman and Tim Burton’s adaptation of Batman starring Michael Keaton as a big part of his childhood that also inspired him to bring the franchise of the café in the country. He also reminded everyone that one doesn’t have to be a super fan of DC or know everything about it to dine in the café as he also emphasized that everyone is welcome may it be because you simply want to have good food, have watched at least one DC movie, or in search of a unique experience.

The Food

Speaking of good food, no wonder the DC inspired menu, personally, is something I can call a genius combination of culinary skills and mind-blowing creativity as it is conceptualized and made especially by Chef Mikel Zaguirre of Locavore Kitchen along with Chef Kalel Demetrio of Liquido Maestro known for his skills and passion for mixology.

I highly suggest you try the Lamb Skewers served with grilled watermelon and tzatziki. It is inspired by Captain Boomerang, an Australian villain of The Flash. The lamb skewers certainly live up to its inspiration given its mischievous appeal to tempt you into bingeing it.

Now, that’s not a problem, as long as you pair it with an equally amazing drink like their Taro Purple Spiced Latte inspired by The Joker’s love for tricks. This hot drink is a mix of taro and purple yam with steamed milk, DC espresso, and something you’ll get to taste in the end that is guaranteed to put a grin on The Joker’s face as reaction to his attempt to surprise you yet again.

For dessert, the girls of the DBTK creative team surely agreed that the best dessert is the femme fatale, Poison Ivy’s garden. Well, it is where it is inspired. The Strawberry Trifle which is made of layers of vanilla cake, strawberry jam, and whipped cream topped with chocolate soil, a green macaron, and sour vines, is definitely like a trip to the supervillain’s infamous garden. Be careful, too much of this sweet stuff might get you seduced into Diabetes just as how effective Poison Ivy’s seduction really is.

They have many other dishes, desserts, and even cocktails that truly are great in taste and amazing in terms of how they are created based on pure DC things. Hell, the nerd in me was truly awakened.

In the end, we really had a great experience at the café. I would say the people who patiently lined up for hours outside the café definitely had the same exciting experience as well. It is a good place to bring your loved ones especially if they are big fans of DC Comics—take them shopping at the same place they’d enjoy dining at. It is also the best place to immerse into the culture of comics as the owner himself even asked some known Filipino artists for DC Comics to be there at the grand opening of the café to further promote the world-class talent of the Filipinos and continue to inspire the next generations of aspiring comic artists.