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by DBTK Admin |

LIFE BEATS (How the idea started?)


Life’s a big musical journey. Everything can be broken down into tempos and beats, and whether you realize it or not, you listen and hear music everywhere. But is that all there is with it?


For multimedia artists Daniel Cellano, Jade Pacampara and singer-songwriter Alisson Shore, music is more than just background noises that fill out spaces. It’s embedded in the human DNA, and given the pandemic, music has become more fundamental than ever.


RISING THROUGH THE CHARTS, ONE BEAT AT A TIME (Purpose, objective and who is involved)


THISNEXTSONG is an idea conceived beyond the passion for making music and extends into building the community itself. The streaming brand advocates creative collaborations and rallies behind the local artists’ first steps in the performance scene.


And just like how music can be broken down into beats, THISNEXTSONG acknowledges and values how important rising artists are in the industry as whole. Their individualistic causes and style make the local scene as it is now and THISNEXTSONG sees this as an opportunity to give these artists a platform to highlight their talents without the pressure of a full-on production team.


UP NEXT (Future projects)


This visionary trio is up for the challenge to someday enable them to fulfil their goals - collaborating with the next wave of local artists that will have a bigger impact on the music industry. Until then, people should look out for a collaboration of DBTK with two prominent local artists. This project will launch a collaborative shirt line and a digital concert hosted by THISNEXTSONG.