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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Lex Perry


If you see an image of Tony the Tiger, you would instantly recognize or recall the cereal Frosted Flakes, if you see an image of Toucan Sam, then you’d remember another cereal. Yup, I’m talking about the colorful Froot Loops – now if we’re going to look at streetwear brands, we know that The Hundredshave Black Adam or Adam Bomb, and BAPE has the Bathing Ape. Whenever we see these characters, we’d automatically be reminded of the brands and/or products that they represent.

It’s not an easy feat to craft and come up with a character or icon that you believe would best exhibit and exemplify your brand and/or company especially if you’re still uncertain of what you want to present to your audience. In a similar manner, it would be ridiculous for us to say that this is something that was done without breaking a sweat.

“I remember going to one of my favorite shops when I was younger and I would always fancy this Gorilla shirt that I’d buy every time the shop had a sale going on. They had interchangeable designs and the fit or look of the gorilla would always vary and differ from the previous ones so I always looked forward and anticipate how it will look like in the next ones. I loved the idea, and when we were starting DBTK, I also wanted to have our very own brand icon, and that’s when Tom Clutch came into play.” – VinceKids

Some people mistake him as a walrus or a bear, but what and who is Tom Clutch anyway? Originally named ‘Tom Clutch the Wily Mutt’ – is a dog that was introduced in 2015 and referenced from a 1960s cartoon – Magnificent Muttley. A mixed breed dog that serves as a sidekick and always daydreams of what he’d rather do or be. It could then be seen at the end of each episode that he’d eventually come to his senses and end the show with his signature laugh, the “wheezy snicker”.

Similar to Muttley, Tom Clutch is also a dreamer and provides service, but we acknowledge him as someone who gets things done and make his dreams come to reality and unlike Muttley, he serves the children voluntarily. Like our pet dogs, he is someone who simply brightens up our day and inspires us to continue to do what we are passionate about. They both don’t talk and finish with a laugh or smile and this is what we want to remind you guys whenever you see his image.

Illustrations made by: LDR + KidIllus


Prod. by: VinceKids

That when you see the red hooded dog with the brown fur wearing a blue backpack, black pants, and rocking a subtle smile with his fangs out, you’d likewise be inspired and take action in whatever you want to do or become for that’s how we got things starting and how we kept the ball rolling – that you’ll choose to act instead of talking senselessly, and smile at the end of the day come what may.

Presently, we can see him taking in various forms and looks that depend mainly on the season, mood, or project that we are currently taking on or about to take on. Tom Clutch embodies what we do as a brand, he represents what we are into and he is about to take on more adventures in the future.

You’ve seen him in an astronaut suit, a gundam armor,  a barong, and many other types of get-ups, and as we continue with our journey and take on more quests, you will see the iconic Tom Clutch having more looks and styles in the days ahead. He’ll actually be taking on another form and this time around, he’ll be more than just a digital graphic or figure. No tricks, no edits – yes, your eyes are not deceiving you.