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by Lex Perry Ignacio |



Whenever one hears that line, there’s definitely a high chance that the first thing that will pop into mind is the radio talk show featuring three men that goes on air from 6-9pm every Mondays to Thursdays from one of the top stations in the country that plays today’s best music – Magic 89.9


Yes, I’m talking about DJs SlickRick, Sam YG, and Tony Toni and their show Boys Night Out.


For those that may not know, BNO is arguably the most interesting and liberating radio show out there. They discuss and tackle just about anything and everything interesting under the sun. You know that feeling when you and your best buds get together and have that ‘boy talk’? Well I guess you can describe the program that way, but even better – cause that’s probably an understatement.


It’s quite a challenge to tell you guys what and how their show is, so it’s still best to tune in and hear for yourselves. Let me put it this way instead. You like talking or at least hearing discussions about the interests of both men and women? Want to get valuable advice about relationships, courting, love making, tips on how to act when in a tricky situation, and everything in between… all the while getting a good laugh when you’re at it? Then now you know what and who to listen to.


If you guys are like us, who’s been listening to them for quite some time now then you obviously know what I’m talking about. After all, they are hailed as the program that helps ease the pain and hassle during the peak hours of traffic, among many others. And that’s because there is no dull moment when you’re listening to these guys. I mean anyone can talk about these things, but it takes certain men with ample experience and humor to get you tuned in for three hours. And believe me, that’s not that long if you’re enjoying every second of the experience.


To give a better example, let me highlight some of their segments. Confession Sessions – where they share stories of people who confess and open up about their wildest secrets. Strip Quiz – which takes place every Taco Tuesdays with comedian Alex Calleja where they feature a female guest and ask series of questions wherein the guest is asked to take off a piece of their clothing as a consequence of failing to answer the question correctly. The G-spot – where they feature medical experts and generally talk about health and love making.


See, another factor that makes the show exciting is when they welcome guests to star in the program and accept calls from listeners to take part in the discussion. Yes, there’s a possibility that they may or may have already featured someone you look up to as guests of the show. And if you’re lucky enough, there’s also a chance that you get to join the show. Given the nature of the program, you know that the interview or guesting isn’t going to be like one of those ‘common’ ones you usually hear or watch about, and that’s what makes Boys Night Out such a unique and one of a kind program.


As fans ourselves, it is with great honor that we get to do a collaboration with them. For this project, we’re mixing the wit and wise words of the Boys with our playful designs. As a result, you get pieces that communicate and tackle about LOVE. The one special thing that unites us all together.


The #DBTKxBNO is set to release tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 22) exclusively in-store & online.