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Young Guns (Art) - Apog, KidIllus & Ella Girl

by Blog Posting |

We believe that life has a way of surprising us by allowing us to view and/or experience things that go beyond our wildest imaginations, things that we perhaps never thought of seeing. There’s always something new or different that’s being introduced out there and we have the artists to thank. The creativity, the innovation, the thought process, and all the other factors that come into play behind their works are but interesting because it makes us think, wonder, and feel a certain type of way.

We live in a place where there is constant change and evolution, it’s evident that even art takes on unique forms and characteristics. For this story, we’ve tapped today’s young artists and asked them about how they do their art and how they source their inspiration in today’s world.


JADE ABENDAN (Batong-Apog)

Making use of a variety of tools and equipment to make his art, Apog is a mixed media artist who will soon be having a group exhibit at the Secret Fresh Gallery this coming November.

Describe your art style.

Right now, I don’t know how to describe it yet and I’m still in the phase of constantly exploring. However, there are some people who view my style as something dark and playful but it’s not really what I intend for it to be, I think perhaps it just naturally shows in my work.

Where do you get inspiration to do art?

From the personalities of people. Music & the things I view help me set the mood but mainly, my influece come personalities of people and some of which are Lourd de Veyra, Caloy Olavides, Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, Jun Sabayton.

What do you wish to impart to your audience with your art?

I don’t have any constant or particular message with my works. I just do what I am currently thinking or feeling at the moment but I don’t really want people to know what my thoughts are, or what my intentions were. I want people to view my works as is and let them have their own interpretation about it. Instead of it being viewed as a one-way matter. I want it to serve like an intersection of some sort where people can derive their own meaning from it because it also allows me to realize my work more and it helps me learn something new.

How or when did you realize that you want to pursue art as your source of living?

It was at Secret Fresh, during the second coming of the DBTK x Lynyrd Paras collaboration. I was looking at the artworks there and I was approached by Kuya Vince and he told me that if this was something that I also want to do, he adviced that I associate myself with other visual artists and after I gave it some thought, it made me realize that it was something that I really want to do and it all began from there.

My interest in art was also built through encouragement because at times when you appear unsure or uncertain of what you want to do, people may have a better view of what you do and what you’re into so it’s really essential to listen.

How do you deal with or how do you get rid of artists’ block?

It’s not that I never experience it, but I think the challenge I face is more on the laziness to work, because ideas will constantly flow as long as my mood is properly set. My advice for those who are having some creative block, is to go out and feed themselves with something that will lighten their mood like watching movies and shows, listening to music, taking pictures, breaking a sweat or whatever will make them feel at ease.

If you’re too focused on what you’re doing and too hung up on something that you need to produce or create there’s the tendency for you to be drained but if you connect with the world and pay attention to what can uplift your physical and mental well-being, then the creative juices will come out naturally instead of forcing yourself to come up with something right then and there.



A digital artist specializing in character illustration, KidIllus makes his living working with clothing brands and our early interactions began through his internship with us. Now, he is our graphic artist.

Describe yourself as an artist.

I am a digital illustrator who takes inspiration from various art styles that I look up to. The name KidIllus means Kid Illustrator or Kid Illustration and I decided to go with this name because I was inspired by the DBTK brand, like a kid who looks up to his elderly, that’s how I view myself as an artist that’s why I came up with this screen name.

How would you differentiate yourself from other artists?

I would say that I’m like Kirby from Kirby’s Dreamland. His traits are basically absorbing powers and I see myself as someone similar to him because I take inspiration from the works of others and I would try to adapt something from their style and apply it to my own style.

I also consider myself as an internet artist because I make use of the web and technology to develop my artistry. I look for pegs and source mood boards online especially Pinterest. I constantly experiment and play with various styles and techniques as opposed to focusing on just one specific style because I want to be an artist who easily adapts and I always want to challenge myself.

At times when your creative juices are overflowing, how do you make sure that you don’t put a blockbuster idea into waste?

There are times that I forget to take note of brilliant idea but I think that it’s not really put into waste because if the idea came from me, I know that I will somehow be able to recall it or think of something better instead. That’s life and ideas may come and go. You may lose some, but prepare yourself to win more.

Artists can sometimes get dissatisfied  with their works. How do you tell if you’re already good with your work?

I still have dissatisfaction with my works but I believe in the saying that ‘finished is better than perfect’. I always put in the time to practice and hoan my craft so I won’t put out or present something that I have no confidence in. I always put God in the center of whatever I am doing so even if I’m not completely satisfied with my works, I am thankful that He has blessed me with the ability to create art.



Describe your art style

I describe it as dark maximalism adventure of my own little world. Although it has fun and vibrant elements, every detail of it has a connotation that contributes to the whole artwork. Also, it shows when I’m styling, I always add small details to emphasise the design of a piece.

Where do you get inspiration to do art?

I grew up liking dark and quirky stuff with my sister. We watch horror movies and tell scary stories. This lead me to use it as my coping mechanism when I was in my lowest point of my life. I use monsters to describe how I feel about a situation or a problem. Thus, I always make sure that a certain monster will be a friend at the of the day, which means embracing my flaws or solving my chaos. This where I changed my art style, and embrace my individuality.

What do you wish to impart to your audience with your art?

We all have our own monsters that keeps us awake at night, and a versions of ourselves that also fears someone. We can’t always be perfect but we can always improve. Nothing’s wrong with failing, it’s a process for you to know more about yourself. At the end of day, it’s about learning and adapting to inevitable changes.

How or when did you realize that you want to pursue art as your source of living?

I started doing freelance works with my friends and also joining art-related orgs in my early years in college, it helped me to pursue art more. I really explored my way in art from illustration to graphic design to photography and now i’m exploring in styling. Actually, I didn’t expect myself to maximize styling, but ever since I really do love dressing up and expressing myself through art and fashion.

How do you deal with or how do you get rid of artists’ block?

It’s not easy working in this industry, you have a lot of competitors (which has more skills or experience), but the thing is we all have our own styles and own ways to execute art. In my experience, having a good company and learning new things inspires me to do more with my craft. Exploring really helps me to grow and find my own style. It’s always passion and perseverance that drives me to pursue my craft. Just keep yourself fired up!!!