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by Lisa Dela Rosa |

They say that the sky’s the limit when you dream. It is boundless and the possibilities are endless, but the risk of being “boundless” is that we may not know where we are heading.


So, I say aim for the moon. Set a goal for which direction you want to go and act on it.


Be prepared and accept that you will start as a beginner. Don’t be discouraged if you’re just in the background. No matter how cruel life is, your spotlight will come one day.



Grab every opportunity you can get that will be beneficial for your growth and for reaching your goal. Never base it on how big or small the project that comes in your way, but base it on how much you can learn new things.


No matter how big or small an opportunity may be, you should still put all your effort and apply the same intensity all the time.


Always keep your goal in sight. Never stay stagnant just because you achieved something. Being determined to improve and surpass your current state will help you grow and discover some new things that you’re capable of doing. It’s like unlocking a new power or skill of a character in a game.




When you start to gain recognition, many people will expect and wish you to fail because that’s just how life is. You’ll also start to realize that there are far more bigger fish in the pond.


Don’t worry about this because you stepped in another level of “opponents” or competitors. In layman’s term, you leveled up. It is evident that you will also encounter hard challenges, but that’s the only way for you to learn and be better.



Never let this moment of “leveling up” make you big headed. Never look down on others just because you reached a certain point. Always keep your feet on the ground and share your learnings to lift others.


There will be negativities here and there, and it’s alright to recognize some of them, but don’t dwell too much and don’t let them get to you. Filter some critiques that will really help you improve and mute all baseless speculations that just want to say bad things about you. That’s the best way to deal with negativities.



Apart from all of these, I just want to remind you that you can never fully pursue your goal by yourself. You’ll never be where you are right now if not for the people who support you. Having your trusted team/foundation/support group will help you reach your full potential to achieve your goal. Strength in numbers as they say.