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DBTK | Carrots

by Lisa Dela Rosa |

Gaining recognition from an international brand is definitely a surreal feeling, let alone being able to collaborate with one. Now, this surreal feeling turns to reality as we are given an opportunity to collaborate with Carrots.


Carrots by Anwar Carrots is one of the brands that DBTK looks up to. Vince Kids, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of DBTK, recalled that he’s been following the “Peas & Carrots” brand collective up to when Anwar Carrots launched “Carrots by Anwar Carrots”.


From Carrots’ independent drops to collaborations with STX, XLARGE, Fxxking Rabbits, Girls Don’t Cry, The Hundreds, etc., it inspired DBTK to do better and step up in every release.



How Did the Collaboration Came About?


From first encounter to simple interactions, these actions lead to another.


Quoting the words of Vince Kids, he said, “I was just browsing and liking old photos/old drops of Carrots in Instagram. I saw his collaboration with Verdy and became inspired by the simple yet impactful designs and the long lines of the collection drop in Japan. Being recognized in Japan is also one of the many goals of DBTK. After some time, I was shocked when Anwar also liked and commented on some of the posts of DBTK.”


The most awestruck moment that Vince Kids recalled was when Anwar Carrots DMed DBTK’s Twitter account and asked if the brand wants to collaborate with Carrots.


This moment was what sparked the collaboration. It also came with a realization that this opportunity made Vince Kids realize that DBTK is moving in the right direction.



Process and Experiences


The process of creating the collaboration pieces is really simple and productive. We created studies for the designs, showed them for approval, and sent them to Anwar for some polishing.


This collaboration stays true to Carrots’ branding with infusions of DBTK’s identity. It features minimal designs which let the pieces speak for itself.


Apart from the collaboration, we’re also thankful to have the chance to build a relationship, gain experiences, and learn from Anwar. These experiences propel the brand more to make the most out of every situation. You will really never know when this kind of opportunity comes, so, it’s really a must to work hard and be consistent no matter how big or small a project may be.


With this being the first ever drop of Anwar here in the Philippines, it is an honor for DBTK to be part of this experience. This is definitely one of the milestones for DBTK and hopefully we’re able to meet him personally in the future.