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By: LDR 

Have you ever felt the thrill of seeking something you find valuable to you? Or have you experienced lining up early just to secure your goods? Or even waking up early in the morning just to make sure to cop a certain shirt or sneakers online? Well, the feeling is mutual and let me give you my two cents, it is true that collecting something is both a blessing and a curse. 


It is a blessing because there is a sense of fulfillment and joy when you are able to cop or get the things you’re collecting. Apart from that, the emotional prospect and the people you meet along the way is also another reason why it’s a blessing because you are creating a community with shared experiences and inspirations. On the other hand, at some point it becomes a curse especially when you couldn’t find what you’re seeking or if it is already sold out. And honestly, I cannot think of any other reason apart from that. But hey, that won’t stop us from collecting. 

So why do people collect things really? As a collector, ranging from DBTK goods, toys, and random stuff, I find it very nostalgic in a way especially when collecting toys that reminds you of your childhood. For collecting DBTK goods, there is something about their message and stories that would make you wear their products loud and proud. For collecting toys, it is a cool way to decorate your room and it speaks ones personality so much. Apart from these, there’s an emotional value when collecting things rather than keeping in mind the monetary value or the resale price of the item.


However, I can only speak for myself for these reasons. So, we asked the Mob why do they collect, especially DBTK goods, and their answers were very passionate about the brand and the team.

“Dream Big. Start Small.”

It is the most common thing that resonates to the Mob when asked why they collect DBTK goods. It is not just about collecting physical products but also collecting memories and relating to stories that DBTK tells. They were inspired by the story of the Kids on how they built the brand “starting small” and continues to grind each day to continue to pursue their goals. It just shows that there is a deeper meaning behind everything else and the support that’s coming from the Mob is that there’s an established connection to the brand since the beginning. Because of these, the DBTKMOB® has an ever growing community where they could be themselves and share the things that they are passionate about. 


In case you’re not a part of the official page of the Mob, be sure to join and click (DBTKMOB®). Happy long weekend fellow Mob!