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Noun /prog•ress/

: a forward or onward movement

: gradual betterment

Sometimes, we cannot help but think if we are making any progress; may it be in our work, career, or life in general. Some may think of this because of the same old routine they have been experiencing all day. While some may think of this because they don’t feel or see the improvement in their perspective. And now, you’re just there wondering why people around you seem like they got it all figured out. I’m telling you now, don’t stop and don’t be discouraged. Continue to move forward and trust me, we’re all making progress. 

One thing to know about progress is that the phasing varies from person to person. Some make fast progress while some don't and you know what they say, “slow progress is still progress.” One must keep in mind that it is never a race, so just follow your own phasing. Challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday. Go out of your comfort zone and be the daredevil that you are and try new things. Encounter pain. Encounter failures. Turn pain and failures into inspiration to try again and strive harder. And most of all, learn from all those experiences. 


I came upon this lyrics while watching D Smoke’s final song performance called The Last Supper in the show called Rhythm & Flow. If I am going to break it down for you into details, change is what makes growth uncomfortable. If one doesn’t embrace change, then that person is the same person that he was yesterday. It is a step by step adjustment to be able to overcome this change. What matters is that you keep moving forward, always. While the latter lyrics means that encountering pain and failures as mentioned earlier is necessary because it will help you learn from it. And, the knowledge and wisdom you’ll pick from those learnings are what make you wise in the future. One day, you’d be surprised how far you’ve come and how far you’ve progressed as a person. 

Again, don’t stop the daily grind and don’t be discouraged. Always invest in yourself and in your craft. Don’t mind all the talking mouths that destroy your vibe and inner peace. Always follow your guts and reach for the moon. After all, we’re all a “work in progress” trying to achieve our goals.