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by Blog Posting |

Do you believe in good luck or bad luck? Do you believe that there are spirits that cause mischief here in the living world? And do you know that this month is a Ghost Month? But what is it really? Well, Ghost Month happens every year on the first day of the seventh lunar month. It is when believers make offerings and ceremonies to worship the hungry ghosts to make them happy. 

It is believed that the Gates of Hell opens on the first day of the seventh lunar month and ghosts step into the mortal world to wander. These “hungry ghosts,” with its peak on the 15th day of the month, now have the opportunity to disturb the living and cause misfortunes according to the believers. 

As for the Feng Shui experts, as misfortunes might happen, they advise to shy away from important life events such as wedding plans, signing of contracts, business related plans, and the like, as it can affect the outcome of the said events/transactions. However, although there is nothing wrong in believing in this practice, it should also not become a barrier to do and execute what you want to do during this Ghost Month. 

A better way to prove the point across is to take DBTK as an example. On the first week of August, particularly the 3rd of August, DBTK x Nick Automatic Collaboration Launch + Event called “FUSION” happened as well as the DBTK x Jansport Signature Series which launched this 10th of August and also falls into the Ghost Month. Now, we are halfway through the month of the Ghost Month and everything looks good so far. 

Good luck or bad luck, at the end of the day, everything falls into how you execute your work to bring you success and reach your goals and achievements. It depends on how bad you want it to happen and how strong your passion and determination is to make it happen. It is true that believing in superstitions and whatnot will do you no harm but, believing in what you can do and how you handle situations will define the “luck” and outcome that you seek.