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Written & Prod. by: LDR

What makes Stranger Things fun to watch? First, the casting and how they deliver their crazy banters to each other. Second, the series is full of easter eggs that take a nod to classic films like ETStand by Me, and Back to the Future. Lastly, the nostalgic setting of the 80s which includes arcades, fashion and trends, and most importantly, their way of communicating and way of life back then. 

Based on the small details that we were able to catch in the series, it is apparent how the characters communicate in person. This is the era where the internet, smartphones, computers, tablets are rare/non-existent, only landlines and walkie talkies. With that being said, there is plenty of room for interaction and bonding like going to the pool to have fun, taking a bike to go to your friend’s house and play Dungeons and Dragons in the basement, and solving the problem on how to defeat the Mind Flayer (which is awesome but far from our reality). It is safe to say that life is simpler before but, there is still the essence of fun and adventure. There is no worrying of what cool photos to post on social media accounts and how many likes it will get. It is a different kind of entertainment and fun since it involves people and comrades not worrying about curfews that much and just getting lost in the moment. 

Wish I could say the same thing today, but presenting this hard fact, most of the people are chained to their phones leading to the tendency of neglecting communication face to face. Although, there are different modes of communication these days, from messenger, telegram, social media sites, etc. it loses the essence of genuine communication (facial expression and the connection the people makes) not to mention that it is also prone to misunderstanding because there is a screen that separates the person from the other. However, we also understand that these modes of communications are vital to contacting people who are overseas. What is sad is seeing people in a restaurant holding their phones instead of talking to each other and cherish the moment. But hey! You do you.