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by: LDR

There is a really famous quotation that says “actions speak louder than words”, and sometimes that is a fact. The sole reason for this is that your actions can take you one step closer to your goal or destination. At times, words can become dreamy because it is nice to say and hear it. But, actions make the words come to life and that is twice as important. It is also essential in building trust and relationships with other people. Like any other thing in life, everybody should trust the process especially in building relationships as it is not that easy as building with Lego blocks. 

As a creative intern at DBTK, the said quotation applies to me when it comes to working with the Kids and with any other people and situations. There is this willingness to take small steps, do small things and trusting the process when it comes to building trust and doing tasks. Eventually, we are able to build rapport in our relationship and there is enough trust that has been given to me to hold projects and bigger tasks for DBTK. 

Now, in this walk of life, do you have what it takes to do the “talk the talk and walk the walk” at the same time? If yes, then you gotta have some foot armor that will help you walk the walk because just like what Bob Marley said, “My feet is my only carriage”, and you gotta protect your feet in your journey. And because of this, I got the opportunity to present our collaboration with Tretorn, a well renowned sneaker brand — The Tretorn PH x DBTK “Classic Meets the Kids” shirt collaboration. By now, you must be familiar with DBTK’s background and story. How about Tretorn? Well, allow me to give you a brief background about this brand and what visions of both brands share.

Tretorn was founded by Johan Dunker in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1891, and was born out of Scandinavian weather as a protection for the feet from cold and wet weather. Tretorn originally made galoshes (rubberboots) that villagers and military personnel worn. From this, they eventually produced sneakers, particularly tennis shoes, the Tretorn Nylite (1967), that has clean silhouettes and can function under pressure. 

Ever since, Tretorn is about practicality and style that every item it produces can function at any time of the day. You can wear them day and night and it is perfect for all around errands. This style and practicality is one of the things that DBTK and Tretorn shares. There is an essence of timelessness and universality that can perform in any season. At the same time, there is a distinct identity that both brands complement. This collaboration is a fulfillment of the vision it shares that is a fruit of a step by step process. 

You can get this collaboration tee for FREE when you buy a pair of Tretorn kicks exclusively at the Tretorn Kiosk, 2nd Level Trinoma on August 24, 2019. Save the date and be quick, as the shirts are only of limited stocks. See you there kids!