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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Thank you so much to all the people who went to our space and showed love to the brand. Seeing you rock and represent the DBTK brand always reminds us that we can do and give so much more, and even with such little time to prepare and arrange for this unique event, we gave it our absolute best like we always do, and what made everything extra special in this project is having Baryo Berde Atbp. as our collaborator and partner in making sure that we deliver our presentation with a bang.

It’s an inclusive event where PHILIPPINE HIP-HOP is celebrated and the local community is gathered to enrich and promote the culture. An affair that is rich in purpose and activity yet it taught us a a lot of lessons that we can apply in our future endeavors.


Nate Dacanay

DBTK x Calle Con official collab merch

We’re through with yet another big event and we couldn’t have done this without the help and support of each and everyone of you. Looking forward, we would again like to give emphasis on the fact that we can do bigger and better the next time. And that’s were our goals are set at.

Migo Senires

Photo by @vincekids

DBTK aims to continue filling the needs. We listened, we heard. Now it’s time to prepare ahead. As always, we’ll see you all soon.

Shoutout to the whole DBTK Team:

Director: Gerard Dy and Jade Abendan

Stylist: Ella Regala

Models: Nate Dacanay, Chloie Valdez, Nicole Pre, Joana Li, and Kit Viola

Visuals: Gabriel David, Brian Villanueva, Raine Sanciangco, Jill Ian


Baryo Berde