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by Lionel Emil Javier |

The commitment is to always give it our 110% From the design and production, the overall thought process and presentation, up to the launch + party, we always aim to do better than the previous one we did simply because we want to continue raising the bar, and although there were slight mishaps here and there, that didn’t stop us from achieving our goal – but of course, all credit goes out to every single one of you who braved the heat of the sun lining up for the release and staying to party with us.

Alisson Shore

We had a ton of surprises, some of which we didn’t really know of. We initially introduced 4 performers, but ended up having 10 artists busting bangers for the night. I mean even the busy boys Droppout & Rhyne pulled up to show some love to the whole mob. Shoutouts to the homies Jake Estrada, Shortone, Colt, & Lon Daniel as well for taking the time to perform a track. Everyone’s presence is deeply appreciated and we’re grateful for you guys making everyone’s night.

Photo by Kris Villano & Jade Abendan

As Dj Maxiimo started setting the mood, everyone started to get loose. Shortly after, PONY’s free shoe giveaway got the attention of everyone. It was nice seeing everyone with a bottle in their hand (except minors, duh) having fun and just vibing to the beat of every song being played. There was just too much sauce, but later that night, even the sauce has dried out as our food partner P Burgers had their meals sold out.



Again and again, we’ll never tire from thanking all of you for always making every release/event special and memorable. But do remember that this is just the first release of the year and we have so much more in store that we can’t disclose just yet. If you want to experience something bigger, better, and completely different, you guys better make sure you stay updated with all posts and announcements.

We’ll see you all on the next!