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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Sunday, March 31
SF Summer Collection 2019
Secret Fresh Gallery 
Ronac Art Center – San Juan, Greenhills

Christian Tamondong
Mr. Likey
Jason Montinola
Bembol Dela Cruz
Doktor Karayom
Deadstock – Wetworks

When it comes to collectible releases, collaborative projects, and all things art + design, there is no doubt that one of the best in executing these kinds of schemes is no other than Secret Fresh Gallery whose been at it as early as 2007, making them one of the pioneers and forefront foundations which continue to help push the Philippine Art culture forward.

Speaking of which, they’ve just recently launched their Summer 2019 collection with a wide and heavy lineup of collaborators mentioned above including Don’t Blame the Kids Apparel Co. As always, the audience were granted a special experience in which a certain spot was designated for viewing all available merch and purchasing was made easy for the customers.

If you’re reading this and still wish to get your piece, I’d say you better hurry and go give the gallery a visit to try your luck; which is highly uncertain, but then again, in case you fail to get your hands on any of the pieces, just being there is already a treat and your effort going there won’t do you any wrong. Otherwise, make sure to come early the next time so you won’t miss so much.

Photo by Jade Abendan and Pins