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by Lionel Emil Javier |

We don’t post about political-related stuff because it’s a very sensitive topic to go through, so please try not to misinterpret the main point of this article because we’re not into those kinds of things – the sole purpose of this article is to try and raise awareness + encourage people not to be stubborn and ‘pasaway’. We’re not imposing or implying what must or must not be done, but instead, we’re merely sharing our thoughts and opinions about the matter on hand.

For this one, we want to address the issue about the ever-famous Manila Bay which recently undergone a thorough clean-up operation. Seeing it now, the developments made in the bay is evident and it is undeniable that it is much nicer to stay at since it is cleaner. We can finally appreciate its beauty given that it used to be a place full of trash and litter. Still, our duty as citizens doesn’t end there because we must maintain and preserve its cleanliness.

Try to place yourself in the shoes of those who made the effort to free Manila Bay from visible rubbish, or simply put those who make time to achieve a certain goal, I’m sure they wouldn’t exert all that work just to see the outcome of their actions get shattered or destroyed (unless that’s the intention). Out of respect, let’s have the discipline not to add to the burden of these people. We’re not being asked to do their task so let’s try our best not to make things worse for them and let ourselves be informed with the set of rules and guidelines that need to be followed.

Doesn’t it make you feel proud or relieved at least that we can now enjoy Manila Bay as a place of attraction? Don’t be an a**hole, our nation already has its fair share of undesirable disputes and superfluous conflicts but we’re not going to be any closer to resolving all of these if we can’t even start restraining ourselves from making unethical activities. But just like what the title suggests, I don’t even need to tell these to you guys. I just felt like we all need to be reminded

We’re not really being asked to make our country a better place, simply being responsible and not making the situation worse is good enough.