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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Illustrations from: LDR


A great number of cartoons have already gone and passed by as we always see a new series that air on TV and/or online. We are Kids who still are interested on the latest cartoons but since we are keen on revisiting memory lane, it’s just natural for us to look back at the cartoon shows that we enjoyed watching during the glory days of our childhood. Regardless if you’ve watched this growing up or not, we suggest you either watch them again to relive your youth or see it for the first time as these are not just classics, but easily one of the greatest cartoons ever made. As they tirelessly say – seat back, relax and enjoy the show

Samurai Jack & his arch enemy Aku


Making his quest to return to the past after being sent into the future by demon and antagonist Aku, Samurai Jack goes on his way to defeat Aku and his evil henchmen to make things right. This intense battle-packed series introduces a unique and efficient way of story-telling given that it does not use and need that much dialogue to get their message across. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

Nigel Uno a.k.a. Numbuh 1


Placed in a treetop is the headquarters of group of 5 10-year-old friends who take on missions and operations against adult activities. A really cool reiteration of young adventurous kids who serve as spies that know how to exhibit craftsmanship through the use of available resources. Even with the modern advancement and amazing technology you see in other spy films and/or shows, these kids will surely give you that wow factor.

Tom & Jerry


A classical tale about a determined cat named Tom chasing after a clever and tricky mouse named Jerry. If you’re looking for that old school cartoon that brings about feel-good vibe and crack you up with tons of laughter, then I think I won’t be able to name a more iconic duo than these two. Well, one can prefer Mickey & Minnie as their mouse of choice when it comes to classic cartoons, but no one can argue that Tom & Jerry places well in that category.

Dexter, the genius kid


A brainy and highly intellectual young boy, Dexter is unlike any ordinary child as he’s the type of kid who would probably prefer to stay indoors to invent a variety of awesome stuff, except located in his room is a secret compartment which will grant you access to his laboratory where he works and experiments on anything he is interested in – the thing is, his sister Dee-Dee always finds a way to cause him absolute mayhem. Definitely a must watch for kids of all ages.

Chuckie Finster


In this list or perhaps in any other list of cartoons, the cast of Rugrats are most probably the youngest among all cartoon characters that there is since they are a group of toddlers. Even if they have since grew up, Tommy, Chuckie and the whole crew of babies will leave you with all kinds of feels. A thoughtfully created cartoon that is excellent to watch with the family as even parents and adults alike can learn and takeaway key points on raising and interacting with their young ones.