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by Lionel Emil Javier |

Us being kids or kids at heart at least, we can’t help but be captivated and excited about toys – for these are not just dolls or random figures we pose, play with, or put on display. More than that, they remind us of good memories or the best even that we have or had as a child. Well, there surely are multiple factors or reasons why one is into toys but in general, we can say that these things spark joy in us.

Talking about one toy alone can give so much feels and be relative to many; and perhaps we all have our own personal favorite but there are classic ones that people from 90s will surely relate to. Being a toy enthusiast up until now, I’ve realized that there are significant changes from the toys from before compared to the toys now. Well, not in everything I guess but try to take a trip at a toy store near and maybe you’d get what I’m saying.

Troll & Furby

As we’ve observed, the toys are usually more detailed now, have more articulation, have better packaging, and so on and so forth, but being able to preserve a toy and maintain it’s pristine condition is something that enthusiasts and collectors alike take pride in, especially now that that specific line has ceased in production.

The thing is, toys being made now will also depend on what’s being aired, what’s being talked about, and what kids presently want. So if you’re into toys but don’t like todays’ kids shows then you’re probably more of the vintage collector, the toys that are considered the classics and mostly hard to find nowadays – depending on what year it was released.

Poochi & Rubiks Cube

Gameboy & Tamagotchi

The illustrations shown here are an example of the classics that i’m talking about. You see, these may be basic and boring now given how advanced and modernistic consoles and dolls are – but back then, these were the sh*t, and it feels very nostalgic going back through these toys we enjoyed when we were younger. It’s nice being able to experience the transition, see how things have evolved, and appreciate the best of both eras.

What’s your favorite toy when you were younger? Can you relate to the ones we have shown here or you’re part of the new school? If that’s so, here’s your gentle reminder to take care but still enjoy the toys you have now because they just might be the future classics.