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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Giannel Marcos


Illustrations by: LDR


I have completely made the word “own” feel not like a real word just by constructing the title of this article, and we all know how the word itself has been used quite popularly since who knows when as this term that is supposed to really motivate oneself or someone. And boy, do we say that a lot or at least type it a lot. “Own it,” we type even on those comment sections of mere selfies. It does sound like this simple comment, but we all know that when we are the recipient of those comments, we can’t help but really feel like we are indeed owning it. That is how powerful ownership is in this world, and that goes not just in this context of course, but I am not going to talk about capitalism and all those other things that are just too heavy it is definitely going to kill our owning of the it. 

Anyway, what we must always remember is that owning it should be done with good intentions. You might ask, “how could it even be in bad intentions if it is motivational?” and that’s exactly where it could get out of hand. You have to look past just inspirational to actually own it. You have to look forward towards the growth that motivation could help you with instead. It is not cool to feel all make yourself feel all inspired and boosting with high amounts of energy and passion if in the end all that spirit is just stuck in not having the intention of growing as a person.

That sounds tough, doesn’t it. It sounds like hardcore strict training in a sense, but it does not have to be. Discipline is felt and formed within one’s own. You want to own it? Then keep doing what you’re doing. You don’t feel like quitting smoking yet ? Then don’t. This is a tough example, but it is even tougher to force yourself to do something you don’t feel yet especially if you’re not even miserable to turn things around in the first place anyway.

Discipline is not a word of strictness in itself. It is what we have come to make of it over the years. Now, although there are many things bigger than you out there, it is always still you in the end who decides how to define such a word. If it means really pressuring yourself into not smoking anymore, okay; if it means just going with the flow of how you feel about whether you should keep smoking or not, then that’s it. However, you should always go with the latter. To own it, one must be in touch with how they really feel not how they should feel. Discipline then comes smoothly with that principle. Apply it an own it instead of getting owned by unnecessary pressure.

Sometimes, there may be times when everyone just seems to be owning it while you aren’t. It could be in a sense that some of your peers may seem to be enjoying a lot of luxurious things while you’re on the constant hustle. Now, it’s okay to feel a little jealous. Besides, we are all about feeling what we feel in owning it. However, you should not let that feeling possess you. Pay attention to the little things in your present life situation that is making you happy. Give it more appreciation, embrace it, and the happiness that shall come from doing so will beat anything else out there that is misleadingly making you feel like you are not owning it. Always remember that although you can always look at the small things around you that make you happy to make you feel like you’re owning it, the primary key to this is to not let material things consume you in any way when it should be you doing that to them.

Owning it means not being possessed by the toxicity material things may influence. Always value the things that keep you breathing and passionate not the things that only tickle you a little for only a little moment.

If you are the one currently enjoying luxury and what not, always look back to where you were. Pay homage to your humble beginnings and support those who are still in that stage. To own it, you don’t have to be just passionate but compassionate. This means that if you have a drive for earning bucks or working hard on your career, have the same energy to be more understanding of the people around you, because they are not always going to be on the same level as you are. We are all placed in various levels in life that are incomparable yet are greatly compatible with one another. This means that in a way, we are still a social sphere wherein we may not fully accept each other’s differences yet individually, we are gifted with the ability to be simply understanding.

Now, that is owning it. Owning it means letting everything be in your control. We do not really have the literal capability to have everything under our power, but with understanding we become more open and accepting of the fact that we simply cannot control everything. That is the most important thing anyway–know that objective reality out there so that you could make your ambitions and maybe advocacy a solid part of it too for the whole world to see and hopefully understand or better yet, own.