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by Lionel Emil Javier |

by: Lex Perry


Common Ground Summer Fest 2018 – What an awesome treat!

Three different music stages all in one building; Wow! Hats off to the whole team and the other magnificent partners behind this, not to mention all the amazing performers who filled every corner of the place with rhythm and melody. It was surely a delight to witness the demonstration of such marvelous talents.      

 With the splendid set-up, the Singer Songwriter Stage at Frank & Dean leans toward those who prefer a rather subtle and easy mood. The ambience in this stage is relaxing and mellow as it allows the musicians to prudently play their music with the audience calmly alluding to the vibe and tune of the songs, being in serenity and lending all ears.

Meanwhile, directly above the place is the Hip Hop Stage at Tropic Frank which mostly comprises of turntable scratchers, DJs whipping and mixing beats as the rappers and/or MCs are chanting rhymes, playing with verses, puns and spewing their lyrical prowess. Just a few steps from it, the Rock Stage at OTC where the amplified and intense sound of drums and guitar strums and distortions drive the lively crowd. 

This is where we held our first collection release of the year – the 2018 Summer ‘Roast & Toast’ and we simply couldn’t ask for a better spot, the theme was perfect with the collection and we’re very thankful to be part of this. We’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who came and we hope that everyone who grabbed some pieces enjoyed what they got.

It’s pretty amazing to gather all these gifted people altogether in an enormous yet intimate space and be able to cater to the different interests of the crowd. With a very cozy location, great entertainment and really scrumptious meals, we were highly overwhelmed with everything going on. The foods are spot-on and delicious. I’m telling you folks, the Southern Fried Chicken and Old-Fashioned Doughnuts are a must try. It will please your taste buds and fill your tummy.

If you ever find yourself roaming around Taguig, BGC, hit up Forbes Town Center along Forbes Town Rd at the corner of 26th St. and make sure to drop-by Frank & Dean! If you want to enjoy delectable and hearty grubs and fancy coffee; this is undoubtedly the place to be.

(other pictures grabbed from @FRANKxDEAN)

Don’t worry if you missed out on this event for there will be more to come and you wouldn’t want to miss the chance you get the next time around. Click HERE for the latest updates and announcements of their upcoming activities and special affairs.