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by Lionel Emil Javier |

After spending a long time of cogitating, refining the elements, stirring the final ingredients, exhausting our plating ideas and garnishing techniques, all that is left to do now is serve you guys what we have been cooking and preparing for a long time. This summer, the wait is finally over and we’re excited to announce our first collection release of the year – the DBTK “Roast & Toast” Collection.

Unfurl your wit, entrench your grit, tone your outfit, loosen the fit, and simply beat the heat with the lively and exciting colors from this range of fine and cool pieces. We’re talking about a total of eleven designs and fifteen colorways. Yes, all of the products come with their own individual design intricacies, and to match our brand consistency, we made sure to make our new product line flashy, quirky, eccentric, and everything in between.

It’s given that quality has been a factor that we continuously develop and improve on; but this time around, we have prioritized a different form of art direction. We take pride in how we innovate our creations, and in this collection, we’re making spontaneous introductions. We’ve explored a new product category and challenged various design principles.

The construction and formation of each item has been closely deliberated upon. They are devised to represent a current zeitgeist but still stand the test of time. However conventional, every piece we made curates a fit-for-purpose and an enhancement in aesthetic, and here they all are.

Some cut & sew Cuban Polo drawn in comfortable fabric that comprehends to the theme and vibe of the summer time. Another Basic Logo Ringer Tee, but now in different color combinations as it is a first for us to bring out these hues and color patterns. Summertime Tank Tops perfect for the tropical weather and intense radiance of the sun – limited to only a 100 pcs.

Graphic shirts that present what we personally feel and rather do. Being Laid Back, chilling by the couch, enjoying the little things and not being bothered by the stressful things. We remain the underdogs who keep out of sight and dwell with the mob. Lurking in the sideline, just focusing on ourselves and doing nothing less but our absolute best.

Through it all, we’re happy and all Smiles to continue pushing the brand to its greatest potential. True enough, summer is more than just cold drinks and beach parties, but while you’re at it, take the time to soak all the fun under the sun. Have a Vacay and cherish the magnificent wonders of the Philippines. With this design, we’re paying tribute to the beauty of our country and the process of how everything came about – waiting for the best time to erupt and present what we got.

The Summer Shorts in light and bright tones encompassing a micro-fiber finish for a breathable and much more tucked up feel. It also sports an outline embroidery of the logo in one side for added accentuation.

Going through the new ones, we now have the DBTK Trousers. With this one, we meticulously tweaked and tailored the fit to achieve the best and most suitable look for the vast majority. Also, notice the hammer loop in both of the bottom wear that adds an eye-catching accent apart from the piece itself. Overall, they are simple and minimalistic yet they can complement and boost your modern style.

The latest addition would be the DBTK Boxer Shorts! Wherever you go, whatever the weather, no matter what season – we have you covered. From the moment you wake up and start your morning until you loosen up and call it a day, you can wear something from the brand. Functional and purposeful, you can stay cozy in these as you snuggle and nestle in the comfort of your bed as you sleep.

Stepping up our accessory game, a new DBTK Tote Bag and cap design is part of this as well. Forged in canvas material and logo fabric tape, this new utility carry-on sack will not only help you pack your materials but also grant you the option to play with the design and add the colors you want to see in it. The DBTK Logo Dash Cap on the other hand features an intricate stitch work in different hues so you can literally dress from feet up with the “Roast & Toast” collection.

Last but not the least, we’re adding new colors to our Billfold Wallets and Fanny Packs or Waist Bag if you will. Now enough of the explanation, if you want to see the complete set of the collection and know all the colors it will be available in, go and click HERE and feast your eyes on the lookbook.

Everything is set to release through a pop-up shop on Saturday, May 12 at Frank & Dean located in Burgos Park at Forbes Town Center, Forbes Town Road cor. 26th St. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig – catch us there and enjoy good food + drinks and awesome performances from some of the best musicians in the country. It will be available in-store and online starting May 13